Bundesliga Thread


Wow thats kimda early in the season :open_mouth:

They look very bad this season though, it also seems that Ancelotti has a pretty bad relationship with the board and fans. Never a winning combination


Wow! I know Carlo is not doing well atm, but it would be totally unexpected to see him get the sack.


I think this one would be due to a breakdown in relations rather than spectacularly bad results. I mean, they’re still likely to win their league and book their place in the CL last 16






He’ll go ac Milan probs


Yeah his league record let’s him down somewhat, which sometimes seems to get overlooked.


Back to fc Hollywood? :laughing:

Seriously though I’m glad people in here have brought up his league record. I’ve sort of overlooked it until recently but it’s something that definitely affects his record. This Bayern hob has really tarnished him aswell, like Wenger it seems as if the modern game is passing him by some what.


I don’t know about the end part. Most of his league success has come from 2010 onwards anyway. He won the double in his first season at Chelsea and had to contend with injuries to the spine of the squad in his second season. Then got sacked. PSG was PSG. At Real he won La Decima and I his relationship with Perez was frosty. Pérez always wanted him to play Bale even when he wasn’t playing well. Too much meddling from the board. Bayern is a blot on his record but really and truly they lost Lahm and Alonso to retirement, Neuer has been injured and I think the clubs transfer policy has been poor the last few years as well.

All in all his league record is poor. Especially given the quality of the Milan team he managed in the 00s as well. But I don’t think the modern game has passed him by.


Yeah you’re probably right to be honest! That was more of a rushed conclusion I must admit. Be has definitely disappointed at Bayern despite lat years relative success.

At Real he did well, and in reality Perez shouldn’t have rushed to sack him after the 2014/15. Despite a drop off in form Perez was reacting to Barça winning the treble. Reals team was really not far off them at all, on was the MSN that made the difference.

I guess at PSG it’s hard to judge him, which is part of the problem. The squad he had was average for champions league standard yet well above it for Ligue 1 level.

I’m just generally unconvinced by him, especially if he were to take the arsenal job


To be fair the Juve team he was against at the time were also quality and as it turned out, were paying refs.

Then again he only won the intertoto cup for Juve when he managed them.

In any case, despite his terrible league record, he actually has won more league titles than Wenger in the past 2 years believe it or not.
4 Vs 3.


Tbf the longer success continues the closer the moment gets the success abandons you. Lest not forget they are coming off of 5 consecutive League titles.



Probably a sightly unfair assessment, Pep had peak Bayern while Carlo had Retirement FC, but I agree with the sentiment – the Bayern job isn’t as easy as it looks and Pep, most likely, is the better manager :woman_shrugging:


If he had stayed he whole season chances are Bayern would have won the league


Probably, but perhaps not at a canter. Dortmund are looking pretty strong and together (in the league anyway). They seem to be where they want to be while Bayern are waning – not just Carlo’s fault of course, he’s lost important players which hasn’t helped. But he’s also lost the dressing room and I guess that’s the important factor here – they didn’t want to risk the season continuing in this manner, with players not wanting to play for him. Robben’s comment, or non comment, was very telling.



wow Bayern don’t mess around, showed zero remorse in sacking a manager of Ancelotti’s stature


Why should they? He’s not a club man or anything like that.


Dortmund’s chances of winning the league just took a hit.

Imagine they bring in TT and he wins Bayern the league… :no_mouth:


I’d say Dortmund should have the quality to win the League regardless of what Bayern does. They have the experience and the quality (and finally in depth too). Just a matter of can they fullfil it.