Bundesliga Thread


A legend departs the pitch knowing VFL Wolfsburg’s work is done. :hipster:


Wolfsburg are safe.


They really need to get rid of the relegation playoff. It’s so boring when clubs that have no business staying up completely outclass (or luck) their way to stay up.


Relegation playoffs are pointless and unfair IMO.

Playoffs should only be between teams in the same league.


It really is unfair. The 3rd place team in 2.Bundesliga get screwed over with this rule.


since they brought it to Scotland the team in the championship has beat the 2nd bottom premier league team once in the four seasons it’s been around.

Team in the top division always has the advantage which for me is unfair.


BVB have just sacked Tuchel


Honigstein thinks he’ll end up at Leverkusen.


Won the cup and out the door.


Why did he get sacked?


A feud erupted between Tuchel and Watzke due to the way they approached the Monaco 2nd leg. This has been rumoured to be on the way since then.


I am grateful for two exciting, beautiful and eventful years. It’s a pity to not go on.

Thank you to the fans, the team, the staff and to all who have supported us. Wish all the best to the @BVB. TT


Why is MGG singing that? :poldi:

“Mario Gomez ist ein hurensohn”.



:wenger: Unlucky boy :hipster:



Peter Bosz is rumored to become the new Borussia Dortmund coach btw.


A perfect replacement for Tuchel. Both play attacking football.



Gutted he’s already gone :confused:




Maximilian Philipp €20m + bonuses. Another one in.