Bundesliga Thread


Nearly 5-4. :joy:




How many goals are Neverkusen gonna concede against Bayern now? :mustafi:


MGG showing he’s world class with more than just his head! :heart_eyes:



0 so far :wenger:


0-0 after 70mins. Time for Leverkusen to balls it up.

Leverkusen down to 10 since 60th.


Bellerabi… What? :joy:


Lahm, oh my… :giroud:


From the first half… CRAZY?!


0-0 FT.


Neverkusen pull out a miracle! 0-0 FT!


It seems they conceded 5 less than we did at home.


To be fair it looks like they should have conceded 5 in that 20 second clip alone.


10 days until Bayern lose their option to sign Coman for the ridiculously low €20m.


Presumably Coman prefers the idea of returning to Juve?! Otherwise they’d surely have wrapped this up already.


Make sense. Allegri changed his system to 4-2-3-1, they’re going to need other wingers. I think Mandzukic is currently playing left winger on occasion.


He does play on the left and he’s been fantastic there so far. But they definitely need a player like Coman back. Him and Pjaca are good young talent.



i guess this means they suck now too?




Hopefully Hoffenheim can win today so Dortmund will still be in 4th :giroud:


0-0 at HT.
1-1 FT. Good result for Dortmund.


Demirbay is one of the most interesting players this year.


Bayern down against Mainz.
2-2 FT :giroud:. Now Borussia vs. Borussia.