Bundesliga Thread

Yeah I’m just keeping a close eye on him, due to the fact I respect your opinions dude and I know you think highly of him.

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@oompa has been watching them more regularly than me, so he might know better. Schick, Diaby and Wirtz are their three big threats but Diaby wasn’t even on the bench today so idk.

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yeah. So Bayern and Dortmund are top obviously but then the race is on for 3rd, Leverkusen currently 4th and just gave away points to #3, #5 and #6.

It’s a bit like how we shouldn’t worry about Chelsea/Pool/City for now but gain a lot from beating West Ham, tottenham or United who are our competition for 4th.

But as you say, Wirtz started out the star this season, Schick slowly stealing attention, their style of play is really helped a lot by Diaby’s pace. The game against Hoffenheim Leverkusen were up 2-0 (2 goals by Schick) then Hoffenheim scored two late goals for 2-2 and Diaby got a stupid red card on added time so he was suspended against Freiburg the other day. A bit shit to lose a 2-0 lead like that the game after they played E. Frankfurt where they also took an early 2-0 lead (2 goals by Schick as well) then just collapsed and lost 5-2 :joy:

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Bayern lose despite taking the lead, that’s an absolute rarity.

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Only have to do that a couple more times for there to be a chance (cough) of losing the title.

have to do something to spice up that dreary league. This will be the only time for the next few seasons thought cant have that happening too often.

Just as Dortmund sell Haaland.

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Alphonso Davies will be out for an extended period with myocarditis, I think we know the most likely cause unfortunately.

Hopefully it’s a speedy recovery.

Weird eh, none of my mates who are all vaccinated got myocarditis

1 of mine has.

Now I’m not trying to say the vaccine is all bad etc, I’m just saying people should be open minded as to why fit and healthy sports stars can sometimes be reluctant and for them weighing up risk vs reward is real.

Rate is 1 in 5000-28000 depending on what jab you get. More prevalent after second jab

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It’s not really possible for most of us to kNow since we don’t get regular check ups like sports stars do I guess.

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BBC sport’s headline is so full shit, the actual story says nothing of the sort

If it’s severe enough you’d know though, like one of my mates after his 2nd Pfizer jab it was pretty significant pain for him. That was pretty scary for him.

Seems like it’s certainly not that bad for Davies though thankfully.

He misses three WC qualifiers with this. The lad must be devastated. Canada hasn’t qualified since 1986 and this is a huge blow. A shame because they’re in a decent run of form lately.

The cause being a recent COVID infection?

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Doubt it as being double vaccinated would have protected him surely ???

Unlikely. Double vax efficacy is currently only down to be working in Australia mate.

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