Bundesliga Thread

It was a shit joke that deserved to be missed.

Asking someone whether they’re vaccinated is about as sensitive as asking someone what political party they’d vote for nowadays.

Not good.

It’s not that sensitive in Australia, basically anyone you see working is vaccinated so you don’t have to ask.

According to Kicker, Gnabry and Musiala are now vaxxed.

Coercion goes a very long way, not many people hold out.



10 match ban incoming

@BigWeng_4LYFE So your guy Seoane hit 7 past Furth. 3 Points behind Dortmund with a better GD.


Yeah I saw that, they absolutely demolished them. I imagine Seoane will be next in line for Dortmund or the Bayern job when Nagelsmann moves on to Lolpool or City as Klopp and Pep leave eventually. We should be all over him, he’d basically be what we thought we were gonna get with Arteta except Seoane is the real deal.

The team they put 7 past has a negative GD of like 34 though and only 1 point, was only 8 shots on target so must have been some stupidly efficient finishing.

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Tbh my main purpose was just to tag @BigWeng_4LYFE :grin:

Ballsy but not smart.
Can see Bundesliga punishing him for that.

Idk. They have to start working the refs. That handball was absolutely ridiculous. Hummels couldn’t even see the ball and he was trying to get around a player.

The standard of refereeing is so so so poor across the game that public pressure and high profile fuckups might lead to some type of reform.

There is a way to put it out there better. Jude is implying something very serious publicly.
Could have questioned the decisions without mentioning match fixing.

Well that particular ref has been involved in match fixing. If the DFB had any sense they’d can the ref to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

Jesse Marsch sacked by RasenBallsport.

Yeah they’ve had a really poor start to the season.

Their First Eleven doesn’t look particularly good. Lost Nagelsmann, Konate, Upamecano and Sabitzer. Was always going to be tough.

Their GD still seems good compared to the teams around them though. Hmmm.

People are pretty divided on whether he was even a good coach or a guy who fell up into the Leipzig job after success in Austria with a massive advantage over other domestic teams.

I do remember reading an article from DW (maybe?) that the players at Leipzig weren’t impressed by him. Maybe he got eaten alive by that locker room?