Bundesliga Thread

Madrid carnt eithen afford him in this climate unless they offload some players

Covid has really put a spanner in the works for both Madrid and Barcelona. They’re going to miss out on the two players that could reach Ronaldo and Messi levels.

That’s why I’ve got an inkling that Hazard could be available this summer at a knock down price. Just saying.

Gutted for them. Not :joy:


Chelsea need a striker as well.

Even Pool

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Another loss for Bayern Munich. Still think this current Bayern team are horrendously overrated. I genuinely felt that as bad as Barcelona are and were in the 8-2 loss last year they could easily have scored 4 goals themselves in the first half alone.

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They haven’t been anywhere near the same team as they were post COVID suspension to the end of last season.

Defensively they’re relatively suspect, you’d have to say City would be CL favs ATM, they look the most complete teams at both ends.

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They definitely look vulnerable atm. Also battling injuries and COVID protocols. Muller, Gnabry, Costa, Goretska, Pavard all out and Tolliso recently injured in training for 3+ months. The intense level of relentless pressing and high line has been harder to maintain over a longer period maybe?

For £70million we should be in for him not like we haven’t spent £72million on Pepe ??

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Guy’s hot property, we aren’t in with a shout.

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Stuggart currently 3-up versus Schalke after 35 minutes and yes, Mustafi and Kolasinac are both playing.

EDIT: Kolasinac gets one back. 3-1


Why is it that every time I watch Upamercano play he looks terrible?

Maybe he’ll brilliant in all of his other games but he always seems to be doing dumb shit when I watch RB matches.


I’ve never seen him and thought “wow, what a player”. He’s literally always looked shit to me. I don’t know if I’ve ever rated him (I may well have when he first came through, who knows). But he’s shit.

We’ll see. Bayern usually make one transfer per window that ends up failing but it doesn’t matter because they’re Bayern. Maybe it’ll be him.

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Schalke are about 9 points from 23 games with a GD- 40odd, remarkable to think they finished top 3 in 17/18 I think.



I’m glad these two are somebody else’s problem.


I did always roll my eyes a little at the leaks about the cliques in the locker room because it’s insane to expect a group of that many people to all get along like buddies. However these two idiots are definitely better off far away from a relatively young squad.

Two goals for Haaland against Bayern already, there is just no way they Dortmund hold on to him for another season

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Where do you think he goes?

Honestly Manchester City just seems so obvious to me right now, they have been crying out for a proper Aguero replacement for years now and I think they’ll go big this summer. Difficult to see him ending up anywhere else in England aside from City too.

I’d put Barca and Madrid as outside shots but their finances appear fucked to say the least so that seems unlikely haha.