Bundesliga Thread

What a free kick from Alaba said to myself before he hit it that’s he’s scoring it.

So glad I picked to watch this over brexit Sheffield Vs Chelsea.

It’s been an excellent watch

Lewa is unstoppable lol what a header. Bayern have turned it round

Sanè 1-3. Game set match


Bayern having Sane is just not fair.

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Halaand!!! 2-3

We have some finish now :fire::fire:

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Oh hold up, Haaland with some nice offside trap movement to break the line and make it 2-3

That’s all you can say about that goal? Holy fuck that was amazing!!

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Ah can’t believe no one is watching this haha :rofl:

Game of the season so far

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Lewandowski 2-4 and that’s a wrap.

Lewa ends it.

Fucking hell lol guy is insane



2-3 FT Bayern get the win.

Great entertainment. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Guendo levels above anyone on Hertha. Was pulling strings in the first half against Dortmund and were up 1 nil, but in the 2nd half Dortmund swamping them so far. As I’m typing this Guendo ghosts past two defenders and wins a peno. Then as I’m still typing this Halland scores again 5 - 2. Still Guendo is having a good match :joy::joy:

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How long before some speccy cunt says Haaland should play on the wing? :thinking:

That guy, when he does move, should stay far far away from anyone Basque or Catalan.

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Going too be better than Mbappe.

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