Bundesliga Thread

Bayern might win the CL also if they can maintain fitness, something like 17 wins and a draw in their last 18 league matches.

Yep, they’re absolutely one of the top favourites.

For sure, one of 8 favourites I’d say

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I was going for top 2/3

Yeah I was kidding. Sarcasm is one of my things. Stick around and you’ll get me. I actually think Bayern will win the whole thing. This season, and next.

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Wait, so when you say you don’t like my jokes…

Yes, I really mean I like your jokes. Really really.

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Dortmund already on the bench then

:joy::joy::joy: wtf

Jesus Dortmund put the cue in the rack.

Hamburg :arteta:

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Kramarić with a madness?


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