Bundesliga Thread


Yeah they can just rest everyone for the spuds. Fuck the title @Luca_from_Italy @Persona its for the greater good.:wink:


Lol! But us as Borussia fans want the fucking title. Stop the evil bavarian empire :bellend:


So do I Luca haha. Fuck Bayern!


Last time… :unai:


About time they lose a fucking title. The last time was in 2012 and always against Dortmund.


REUS :rotating_light:


Any reason why they have done it in breaking bad style haha?


Probably not. They did Game of Thrones last game, just trying to be TOTES COOOL AND SHIT probably.


1-0 Augsburg… :xhaka:



Dortmund FFS!


Dortmund aren’t winning the league, they needed to maintain the buffer they had a while ago for the run in.


2-0. Game and title over.



Honestly what the fuck Dortmund. Where they not 10+ ahead of Muller and his merry band of cunts at one point?



Worse than us.


That was Wengers Arsenal. Unai doesn’t bottle :wink: apart from that Barca game but lets not mention that as that was PSG :sunglasses:


Mad Jens getting them all fired up for their 4-0 win over Tottenham :eyes:


Two 4-0 defeats in a row for Tottenham then.


I blame @Persona . Every team he supports seem fragile as fuck at the back :gunnersaurus:


2-1 Augsburg FT.



I was so uninterested in that game, I bailed out. 2-1 FT. Ooops. :grimacing: