Bundesliga Thread




Hope so :bellerin:


0-0 at HT. We are creating many chances, just can’t convert them.
Dortmund just can’t score today.
What a risk! Could have been penalty to Nurnberg here.
NOOOOOOOOOOOO PACO! SO SO CLOSE! Dortmund are pretty fucked if they don’t win this.
Paco offside so the goal doensn’t stand.
0-0 FT. We are fucked @Persona :expressionless:


Wheels coming off at Dortmund, they aren’t winning this league.


They won’t have a better chance in the future. Shame.


Bugger… I was gonna watch tonight aswell but forgot and watched a film instead. :expressionless:

Bye bye BuLi.


Dortmund pulling out an Arsenal :grimacing:. Bottling when it matters.


Yeah Bayern are going to run them down now, couldn’t afford dropped points against tonight’s opponents.


Do you know what’s bloody weird though? Dortmund have a 1 in the loss column. 1 loss. Still not winning the league. :expressionless: 6 in the draw column that’s effed us.


“You” have a 3 point lead at the top of the table :smile: effectively 4 with gd

Still in the box seat. Sort your lives out!


All the teams we support are falling apart. No luck :xhaka:


Blew a 3-0 lead the other week and have gone out of the Cup and (let’s be honest) the CL in a matter of a couple weeks. You don’t think this is a classic bottle job?


Not until Herr Neuer lifts the Meisterschale I don’t. Dortmund earned that points cushion from earlier in the season.


They are up to an in-form Leverkusen next. Can see them dropping points again.


Never back Leverkusen. All logic and reason goes out the window where they are concerned.


Didnt they beat Bayern?


Yup. But who’d expect that? They get battered by Hoffenheim, then a few weeks later they kill Bayern. Don’t back them cos they will fuck you.


Hopefully Neverkusen gonna pull out a Neverkusen and help us.


And tomorrow night Luca is a Bayern fan against Liverpool.:grinning:


Fuck Bayern and that Spiderman looking cunt muller.