Bundesliga Thread


Could be hell today :giroud:


Augsburg up.

Hoffenheim up as well. NELSSONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN GOLAZO! :cech:

Dortmund need to wake up. They have been lazy so far.
TORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Sancho creates, Reus scores.



Inventive goal that. :arteta:


My stream camera angle is from the other side of the pitch to that replay. :thinking:


Was that an attempted cross by Nelson or an intentional shot?


Lol yeah! Mine, too :bellerin:

1-1 Leverkusen

Hoffenheim up again.

Reus and Delaney FFS! :facepalm:

Dortmund, Hoffenheim and Augsburg up at HT, while Bayern and Schalke draw.


3-1 Hoffenheim

Dortmund aren’t playing that well. They are lucky Wolfsburg are shit.

1-1 Nurnberg

It looked penalty to Wolfsburg. What do you think @Persona


I stopped watching. Internet is crap so it keeps buffering and so there’s no point trying to watch it.


imagine if we did buy sancho, him and Nelson are good friends, imagine them on each flank playing for us :giroud2:


Penalty to Schalke. 1-0 to them.

Augsburg up again.

1-1 Hannover

Schalke up again.

Hoffenheim thrashing Leverkusen. 4-1 now.

Christ! Dortmund so lucky to be up.
Bayern have scored. Dortmund must not cock up now!

3-1 Schalke

Oh fuck off Dortmund! How can you waste this counter attack? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

2-2 Nurnberg


Hoffenheim, Schalke and Dortmund win, while Bayern and Augsburg draw. Dortmund 4 points above Bayern now.


Leverkusen getting smashed defensively by Hoffenheim at home, ends 1-4, but still interesting as fk to watch going forward, the interplay between Brandt, Havertz, Bailey and Volland is good entertainment. Too bad they’re abysmal defensively. Goals scored suggest they could be hovering around top 4, goals conceded suggest they should hover around bottom 4 lol


Goal for Leipzig.

Leipzig up at HT.
2-0 Leipzig.

3-0 Leipzig FT.


Monchengladbach - Dusseldorf and Mainz - Werder today.
Gladbach win 3-0 and go 2nd.

1-0 Gladbach

2-0 Gladbach

3-0 Gladbach

Mainz win 2-1.

1-0 Mainz

2-0 Mainz

2-1 Werder


Hannover-Wolfsburg today.
Wolfsburg up.

Edit: disallowed.
Now Hannover score lol!

Hannover up at HT.


2-0 Hannover

2-1 Hannover FT.


Werder - Monchengladbach, Dusseldorf - Hertha, Freiburg - Mainz, Hoffenheim - Augsburg, Nurnberg - Stuttgart and especially Dortmund - Bayern.

@Persona :henry2:


Going through the sports channels on my tv and see Köln are winning 8-1! in Bundesliga 2. haha wtf

Are Dynamo Dresden just really shit?!


Koln had scored 24 goals before this game so they are a very attacking side.


Yes but 8-1 you hardly ever see a score like this haha. what are Dresden like?


They are 9th in the table so not that bad.


When Koln got relegated, they managed to keep hold of their core players so on paper it looked like they would walk that league. Not that I think they should be scoring 8 every week, but it doesn’t surprise me to see that happen.