Bundesliga Thread


Dortmund, Bayern and Hoffenheim all win, while Leipzig and Leverkusen draw.

2-2 Leverkusen


Hope Dortmund win just so the stasticians will shut up.

There is a place for stats in football as there is for all sports, but these wankers are going overboard to try and create something objective out of a sport that really isn’t all that objective.


When you find a great chip in your portion of chips


Funny joke.


Werder up at HT.

2-0 Werder FT.


What a finish for the 2nd goal from Nelson!


Is that 4 goals from Nelson in the Bundesliga now ?


Four goals in four appearances with only two being starts.


Hertha - Freiburg and Monchengladbach - Mainz today.
Hertha 1-1 at HT.

1-0 Hertha

1-1 Freiburg

1-1 FT.

Gladbach leading at HT.

4-0 Gladbach FT. They are 2nd again.

2-0 Gladbach

3-0 Gladbach

4-0 Gladbach


By all accounts Hakimi has been excellent at Dortmund so far. Can see he bagged 3 assists too and looked really good in the highlights.

Excited that we’re producing some really good young talent. Mazraoui and Hakimi are actually two of Football’s most exciting young full backs at the moment.

Now we need to produce some good central midfielders and we have a bright future.


It was a MOTM performance from him, don’t quite see how he makes it at Real despite his impressive talent.

Other clubs should be in for him ASAP.


Freiburg-Gladbach today.
1-1 at HT

1-0 Freiburg

1-1 Gladbach

3-1 Freiburg FT. Unexpected results, giving Gladbach’s form.

2-1 Freiburg

3-1 Freiburg


Dortmund - Hertha, Dusseldorf - Wolfsburg, Hannover - Augsburg, Mainz - Bayern and Hoffenheim - Stuttgart today.

Augsburg already up.

Edit: disallowed :hipster:


Shiiiit. Ruled out. Good finish though, Sancho.


That move :giroud2:




Now it’s legit! 1-0 Dortmund.

Bayern up as well.
Nope! Disallowed :wenger:




The wind has changed. It’s our greatest chance in the last years :kos2:


Glad to see gotze back doing well.