Bundesliga Thread


What a chip! :giroud2:


Leverkusen losing at home lol!


BVB playing some beautiful stuff right now. :heart_eyes:


Bayern score :hipster:

1-1 Leverkusen




Favre is a top coach.


Bayern, Nurnberg and Dortmund at HT. The others draw, instead.


Game over in Wolfsburg. 2-0 Bayern. Wolfsburg’s defence :neutral_face:


Stuttgart started this 2nd half fighting. No great chance yet though.


Eeeeeesh, Stuttgart denied by Buerki with a nice double save.


Hannover up again.



@Bl1nk, @Persona, @Phoebica
Robben sees red. Bayern down to 10 men.


Le sent off man. :unai:


How do Dortmund end up with good strikers all the time??


“Not completely out, one of the essential rules of the game, the ball has to be completely out.”

Mate, that ball was completely out… twice. :laughing:


GAME ON! C’MON Wolfsburg!

2-1 Hoffenheim as well. REISSSSSSSSSSS ON :fire:!


Come on Volkswagen!


Oh yes!

Welbeck needs to make way for this guy now.


Bayern make it 1-3. James with a stunner of a finish.


3-1 Hoffenheim. They put the game to bed now.
3-1 Bayern as well.

4-0 Dortmund! They are dominating the league atm.


Max Philipp 0-4. All of BVB’s strikers scored in this game. :slight_smile: