Bundesliga Thread


Frankfurt-Dusseldorf today.


Bayern gone full Mourinho


The self awareness at this club :ok_hand:


Old selfish cunts. That’s the problem with Bayern. They need an overhaul at all levels.


Hate Bayern. Arrogant cunts. Hope Dortmund somehow win the league


What the fuck is that daft cunt talking about?

“And if I have to read that our central defenders Mats Hummels and Jerome Boateng play ‘old men football’, I think: ‘Come on, guys, I want to remind you of [Article 1 of the Constitution] the dignity of a person is unassailable’.”

Lost the plot.


Never been in trouble for years. Now they are struggling and don’t know how to deal with it.


FC Hollywood rearing its head again :arteta:

Whole thread is a brilliant read


What a piece of shit that skeleton is.

No class whatsoever.


Frankfurt 3-0 up at HT.
What a thrashing! 7-1 FT.


Only 5 goals for Jovic. His first goal in particular was :ok_hand:


1-0 Frankfurt

2-0 Frankfurt

3-0 Frankfurt

4-0 Frankfurt

4-1 Dusseldorf

5-1 Frankfurt

6-1 Frankfurt

7-1 Frankfurt


Augsburg - RB Leipzig, Leverkusen - Hannover, Nuremberg - Hoffenheim, Stuttgart - Dortmund, Wolfsburg - Bayern and Schalke - Werder today.


Bayern are one of the most arrogant club around. Wish them nothing but failure


I hope the old fuck gets rutted by an infested stag.




BVB - Deutscher Fussballmeister 2018-19. :muscle:


Let’s not get carried away :ozil2:


Alcacer just shot, no goal, off target. :gabriel:


Forgot about MGG being back at Stuttgart. :giroud3:


Bayern with a lot of possession, but zero chances.
James straight at the keeper now.

Nuremberg up.


MARCO REUS 0-2. :muscle: Brilliant worked goal.