Bundesliga Thread


Still think he can come to PL maybe Chelsea would take a punt.

But yeah no way he joins Real now.


Kovac and the geriatrics losing a one horse race :rofl:


This is Özil right now


Tax dodger has been put in his place :mustafi:


3-0 off the counter!



Bayern Munich are just ageing, strange they didn’t try and replenish the squad somewhat.


When you win the league every year at a canter it leads to complacency.

If it was truly a fight to win the league every year people like Robben would’ve been moved on for more younger and fresher signings but nope they rested on their laurels, this has then had a knock on effect in terms of dominating Europe.

Couldn’t be happening to a nicer club.


@Persona, it’s coming home, it’s coming home. The Meisterschale is coming home :giroud:


All the goals:

Borussia Dortmund-Augsburg

Fortuna Dusseldorf-Schalke

1-0 Schalke

2-0 Schalke


1-0 Hannover

2-0 Hannover

3-1 Hannover

Bayern Monaco-Borussia Moenchengladbach

1-0 Borussia

2-0 Borussia

3-0 Borussia


Bayfraud Fraudich.
Fraud Ribery,
Arjen Frauden,
Rofraud Lewafraudski,
Corentin Fraudisso,
Mats Fraudels,
Jefraud Boateng,
Manuel Frauduer,

Your boys took a hell of a beating! :arteta: :jakey: :giroud:


What about your boy Muller? :henry2:


How could I forget him?! :giroud3:

:poldi: :poldi:

Luca mate, did he play against Borussia?!

Bayern, Real losing and United still shit. Today was so worth Ferraris shambles this morning.


the fuck you calling him a fraud for? :giroud3:

Yeah, Mueller did play.


I’m any case, definitely makes Ancelotti’s time there look much better.

Sounds like a shit toxic dressing room, with delusional frauds who don’t want to believe their time is up, and think they are much better than they are.

As of right now, their best player is on loan to them.

Fuck them.

Would love for us to get our act together again and kick their asses soon enough


Carlo was sacked because he tried to rejuvenate the team. Robben and Ribéry don’t accept their time is up.


Freiburg-Leverkusen, Hoffenheim-Frankfurt e Leipzig-Nuremberg.
Leverkusen 0-0 FT.
Frankfurt leading the game at HT.

2-0 Frankfurt.


Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to draw for Hoffenheim. 2-1 Frankfurt FT.

Leipzig leading 4-0 at HT.

1-0 Leipzig

2-0 Leipzig

3-0 Leipzig

4-0 Leipzig

6-0 Leipzig FT. Bayern down to 6th @Persona

5-0 Leipzig

6-0 Leipzig

Reiss Nelson (On loan)


The only way we can beat Bayern is make Wenger the manager of Bayern?

Then beat them 5-1 both legs? I like it


BVB could actually win the title if Wenger becomes manager. :giroud3: