Bundesliga Thread


Well it’s weird because it rarely happens. Quite simple really.


Dortmund - Augsburg, Dusseldorf - Schalke, Hannover - Stuttgart, Mainz - Hertha and Bayern - Monchengladbach today.


Dortmund losing, while Hannover win. All the others draw.


It’s weird that an English talent actually trives in an environment which is known to be better towards young players than the Premier League is?


BVB leveled it but Augsburg have missed 2 sitters. :grimacing:


Sancho really is special, put it on a plate for Alcacer to sky it.




Why can’t Dortmund defend? :hipster:


Their back 4 is 19, 19, 23 and 22. :laughing:

Also sent their Greek tank to Borussia Holloway. :sunglasses:


Mario Goetze comes on to play against his younger brother Felix who is a CB. :giroud3:



10 mins left, BVB looking for the winner.


MARIO GOETZE !!! 3-2 !!!


OMFG it’s 3-3! :facepalm: This game is incredible!!




4-3 Dortmund FT! Just crazy! Schalke and Hannover also win.


Barca should have never sold him :mustafi:


I only watched the last 25-30 mins. Glad I did! :sweat_smile:

Top of the league, still unbeaten in all comps. #Favreign.


It’s unusual for a top English talent to forego the money and put his development first. Whilst that isn’t too uncommon in itself (as young English players do sometimes choose to stay at their current club instead of moving to a top PL club e.g. Grealish at Villa), the weird thing is that he has been willing to move abroad on a permanent basis. That is a very rare occurrence hence my comment about it being weird.

From a logical perspective, it’s a sensible / smart thing to do but that doesn’t stop it from going against what the normal outcome is in 99/100 situations.


Gladbach are 2 up against Bayern in Munich and are near 2/1 to win the game still haha. Save to say Bayern will be turning this around.


Bayern :arteta:

Hoeness :arteta: :arteta: :arteta:

Wonder if he will try blaming Ozil for Bayern’s shite form? :poldi:


Bayern’s dictatorship seems to be over :giroud2:


Our guys gonna dethrone them. :ok_hand::muscle:


Maybe Bayern are getting knocked out from the Champions League so we can finally destroy them :henry2:


Still can’t believe they’re persisting with Robben and Ribery (Not sure if they’re starting games but they shouldn’t even be near the bench). Also can’t help but feel as of lewandowski has missed his chance on a big move to Madrid or the Premier League


Keep it up Gladbach!