Bundesliga Thread


1-1 FT.

1-0 Fortuna

1-1 Leipzig

Schalke down at HT.

2-0 Hertha FT. Fucking bad start from Schalke.


The Bundesliga is back with Dortmund vs. Frankfurt.


So if a frankfurt player has badly fouled a dortmund player…he could be called a dirty frankfurter, but then is that a food based insult that gets you banned too? :henry2: :giroud:


Nice one mate :hipster:


3-1 Dortmund FT.

1-0 Dortmund

1-1 Frankfurt

2-1 Dortmund

3-1 Dortmund


Bayern vs Bayer today. Guess another thrashing is coming for Neverkusen :hipster:. @Persona


Bayern 2-1 up at HT.

1-0 Leverkusen

1-1 Bayern

2-1 Bayern. Golazo!

Red Bull and Dusseldorf up as well.



3-1 Bayern FT.

Fortuna, Mainz and Leipzig win as well, while Wolfsburg draw. Gladbach-Schalke now.


Still lost though :santi:


If they’d had super Reiss on from the start they’d have won. Quite clearly their best player :sunglasses:


Gladbach up at HT. Terrible start for Schalke.

2-1 Gladbach FT. They are 2nd now.

2-0 Gladbach

2-1 Schalke


Werder-Nuremberg and Freiburg-Stuttgart.
Werder up at HT. Golazo!

1-1 FT. Nuremberg equalize right at the death.


Wow… what a start by Schalke - what has happened to them? (I realize only 3 games) They are one of the richest clubs in Germany and have had a nice history recently of producing some decent players and football… are they really that bad?


Guess selling Goretzka and not replacing him has been a bad move.


Watched the Hoffenheim Freiburg highlights… LOL at the state of defending in that game… dear lord and I thought Prem defending was bad…


Anyone got the Reiss goal


3-3 FT between Freiburg and Stuttgart.

1-0 Freiburg

1-1 Stuttgart

2-1 Stuttgart. It’s Mario! :giroud: @Persona

2-2 Freiburg

2-3 Stuttgart. Mario again! :giroud2:

3-3 Freiburg


In Reiss’ thread


Stuttgart and Fortuna Dusseldorf play today.
0-0 at HT.
0-0 FT.