Bundesliga Thread


All that work to get into a playoff spot to then face a club with those resources. Playoffs should between the clubs in 2. Liga and Wolfsburg should be down.





So he’s sorting the BVB chefs out, but who’s going to be the first team coach?


If Emery is totally shit… :grinning:


Bayern bound for sure.


He’s going RB Leipzig apparently


Going to Leipzig officially



What happened to the Bayern job?


Why do they love announcing this kind of shit so early in Germany?

Imagine if we’d announced 2 years ago that Emery would replace Wenger in 2018, all Arsenal fans would have been hyped and then spent those two years slowing losing faith :grin:.

A year can be a long time, certainly long enough for Nags to not be flavour of the month anymore if he has a shit season.

Are RB still in need of a 12 month coach? I know from an actual German who has met Big Weng that his German is alright :wenger:


Hamburg lost 3-0 against Kiel in their first game in the 2. Bundesliga :arteta:. It’s gonna be a long season for them.


What’s their team like now? Did they keep hold of any of their best players?


Yep. They just need to get used to the new league.


Horn and Hector both starting in the 2-0 win for Cologne against Bochum in the 2. Bundesliga. Think they are getting back to the Bundesliga without any problem.


BVB have signed Alex Witsel for €20,000,000. He’ll be their best paid player.


Onda Cero says that Madrid has an agreement with Thiago and that Bayern are willing to negotiate as Niko Kovac doesn’t see him as untransferable.

If true, how the fuck can Bayern/Kovac not see Thiago as untransferable?!


He will go down well when they meet Barca this season…


He’s not aryan german.

They are probably going to try to build a midfield around Goretzka, only to realize that he’s not that good.



No no, you got it right the first time. Bayern can get fucked IMO. The way they handled the Ozil thing was absolutely ridiculous.


That gif just makes me think that everyone apart from blondie is listening to a banging house tune