Bundesliga Thread


Man, I would love Arsenal to hire Nagelsmann. With average players; he has just broken the club’s record, finishing 3rd. Previous club record of highest finish was 4th; last season, again under Nagelsmann’s management.

He is only 32, has overachieved with limited resources and average players. Destined to manage a big club one day.


Lol Hamburg took relegation well then :joy::joy::joy:


Aye, he also fell victim to Bayern, losing 2 of his most important players in Suele and Rudy.


would take him over Arteta now, thinking abut it. Dw lads, he is on the list.

Re. Hamburg, good riddance, shit club


Well one is a manager and the other checks youtube highlights for Guardiola


Well exactly.

Please email this to:



Giving Mourinho ideas…



Still better than Mustafi, tbh :xhaka:


Mail chief football writer Rob Draper : Arteta, Vieira & Nagelsmann are all due to be interviewed by Arsenal in the next 2 weeks. Allegri remains in discussions although there is a mood to appoint a younger manager.

Please appoint Nagelsmann; tears in my eyes.


I think the bald bastard marked me as spam


All the goals:


1-0 Leverkusen

2-0 Leverkusen

3-0 Leverkusen

3-1 Hannover

3-2 Hannover


1-0 Stuttgart


1-1 Bayern


2-1 Stuttgart


3-1 Stuttgart

4-1 Stuttgart



1-0 Freiburg

2-0 Freiburg


1-0 Hamburg

1-1 Gladbach

2-1 Hamburg


1-0 Leipzig

1-1 Hertha

2-1 Leipzig

3-1 Leipzig

4-1 Leipzig

5-1 Leipzig

5-2 Hertha

6-2 Leipzig


1-0 Hoffenheim


1-1 Dortmund


2-1 Hoffenheim


3-1 Hoffenheim



2-1 Werder


1-0 Schalke


1-0 Wolfsburg

1-1 Cologne

2-1 Wolfsburg

3-1 Wolfsburg

4-1 Wolfsburg


I know it means jack shit, but I enjoyed waking up checking overnight scores and seeing Bayern lost 4-1 at home.,


Wolfsburg-Kiel for the playoffs first leg today.
2-1 Wolfsburg at HT.
3-1 Wolfsburg FT.

1-0 Wolfsburg

1-1 Kiel

2-1 Wolfsburg

3-1 Wolfsburg


2016/17 round 34

Hertha Berlin 2-6 Leverkusen

2017/18 round 34

Hertha Berlin 2-6 Red Bull Leipzig

I can see a trend here.


Please remind me of this in round 34 next season




Bayern 1-0 down against Frankfurt in the DFB Cup final.

Bayern 1-0 down at HT.
1-1 Lewa

Bayern are closing Eintracht in their own box in this second half. A second goal is coming soon.
Coman on for Muller.
Rebic againnnnnnnnnnn!

What a save from Frankfurt keeper! Right at the end!
LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Frankfurt score the 3rd without the keeper :rofl:


what a finish!


Didn’t expect this win! Well-done Frankfurt!
Edit: VAR says penalty and the ref says no penalty. :arteta:


Wolfsburg are officially safe after beating Kiel in the playoffs return leg.