Bundesliga Thread


BRILLIANT GOAL ! JAMES. 2-0. BVB get opened up every second, way too easy for Bayern.



Congratulations Dortmund! It’s gonna finish 7-0 at this rate :hipster:



When will Bayern win the league? Surely it’s in the next game or two?


Yeah, they only need to win their next game.


3-0. Easy peasy BVB squeezy. James everywhere this game.



Great team goal.



Didn’t Dortmund got Stöger because of his defensive setup?


Does defensive set-up mean cost no money in Spanish?


4-0. Embarrassing.

and 5-0. 2 goals, quickfire.




Wow! This is proper embarassing! :rofl:

6-0 Lewa’s hattrick.



Tap in for Bayern’s sixth and Lewy’s 3rd.


6-0 FT. Well-done Dortmund :xhaka:


Wolfsburg run the risk of playing the playout again after the 0-0 against Hertha.


Werder-Frankfurt and Mainz-Gladbach today.
Werder win, while Mainz draw.

1-0 Werder

1-1 Frankfurt

2-1 Werder


Thoughts on Tedesco?


I tend to do my shopping in Sainsburys


Wow! Such a big joke :mustafi: :xhaka:


Hahaha yeah it’s an absolute shocker. Just as well that I quite like obviously bad jokes :grin:


Sainsbury’s bakery is better imo.

Those choc chip muffins :giroud2:


Yeah, i do agree. I have always found Sainsbury better than Tesco. Tesco is too posh and mainstream, imo.



It’s all about Waitrose :sunglasses: