Bundesliga Thread


He wants to come here :henry2:


He supposedly wants an international top-club. That takes us out of the equation.


I don’t think it’s dumb if there’s a good chance he’s managing another top club abroad as SportBild say he will, Bayern might be an attractive club but the Bundesliga isn’t compared to England & Spain.

I can see him replacing Conte.



Bayern probably belongs to the top 3 of biggest clubs in the whole of Europe. It should be a no-brainer even if the competition might be boring.

Especially if it’s Arsenal. If he rejects Bayern for Chelsea or Arsenal, and not Manchester United, he is dumb.


Good read this


Was a beast of a left back in FIFA 07


Hannover - Leipzig, Leverkusen - Ausburg, Schalke - Freiburg and especially Bayern - Dortmund today.


Important match in the title race


:rofl: Bayern usually beat Dortmund, tbh.


Leipzig up against Hannover. Fantastic counter.


Hamburg up as well. Image if they avoided relegation again :rofl:

Stuttgart equalize right at the end of the half.


Gnabry again! We have fucking Iwobi :facepalm:



In some alternate universe that post reads:

Iwobi again! We have fucking Gnabry :facepalm:


2-0 Leipzig and 3-0 Hoffenheim.

Bullet header from Leipzig.

3-0 Hoffenheim


Cologne getting destroyed. 4-0. Horner is coming :smile:


5-0 Hoffenheim and 1-0 Schalke.

1-0 Schalke

5-0 Hoffenheim


6-0 Hoffenheim! Cologne :rofl:


2-0 Schalke. Game over.

Great game in Hannover. Hannover pulls 1 goal back for two times. 3-2 Leipzig atm.

2-1 Hannover

3-1 Leipzig

3-2 Hannover

Leipzig, Hoffenheim and Schalke win, while Leverkusen draw.


Bring Gnabry back home!


Sven, are you reading?


Lewaaaaaaaa! Too easy! Dortmund just can’t defend. Maybe it was offside.


1-0 Lewandowski. Nice. :neutral_face:



2nd goal disallowed for Bayern. :gunnersaurus::gunnersaurus::gunnersaurus:


2-0! You are fucking shit. I could score this goal as well :rofl:

Edit: disallowed. Muller’s foul?


James offside.