Bundesliga Thread


Ah ah ah


Ah ah ah



2-0 Dortmund FT. Gotze with the second.


Even stealing his celebration



Lewandowski put Bayern up against Schalke.

Schalke equalize.

Bayern up again thanks to Muller.

2-1 Bayern FT. Always 18 points above the 2nd :arteta:


Big win in the relegation zone for Werder.


Hertha and Mainz play today.


2-0 FT for Mainz.

1-0 Mainz

2-0 Mainz


Cologne’s mini revival seems to have stalled, looks like they could well go down and we need to be snapping up Timo Horn on a discount when that happens


Was about to say it. We should already get him, a bit like what we did with Podolski.


That pass though :santi:


Bayern play away to Wolfsburg today. Easy win.
Bayern 1-0 down!


Watching the Bayern game for a bit. Class header that.


Bailey. Cool finish. Such a good player.


Yeah, really enjoy watching Bailey - he’s having a fantastic season, always looks cool in front of goal. The Bundesliga Bolt :grin:

It’s a shame that Chelsea are the front runners to sign him though. I think he even supports them, wasn’t he was pictured in a Chelsea shirt once? And a while back he “liked” a tweet linking him to Chelsea.


2-0 Leverkusen

Bayern just missed a penalty :smile:

But now they equalize with Wagner. Good header.

Really soft penalty to Bayern. Lewandowski scores and wins the game for Bayern. Leverkusen win as well.


Schalke 2-0 at HT against Hoffenheim.

1-0 Schalke

2-0 Schalke

2-1 FT for Schalke.


If he knows what is good for him he’ll say no to this



Apparently he is a Chelsea fan.

Lol one madness even Sven cannot bring imo


No, Sven can do everything :ozil2:


This was a few years ago, but still. And more recently he has liked tweets about them.