Bundesliga Thread


Unfortunately not.

Wtf happened, went downstairs and it’s 2-2


Burki and Batman under the spotlight.


Batshuayi could have scored his hattrick here. Weak header.
The game is really nice. Both teams can’t defend to save their lives.
Schurrle golazo! 3-2!


Oh shit Michy down


3-2 Dortmund FT. Batshuayi saved them from their own defence.


More prolific than Morata?


Bad management from Conte.


Sancho is a major talent man…



Demirbay might have had is leg broken just now


Great finish from Ribéry. 1-0 Bayern against Mainz.


2-0 James. Another good finishing.


2-0 Bayern at HT. Schalke up as well.

Bayern win, while Schalke lose right at the end. Leipzig now.

1-1 Werder. Schalke’s goalie :rofl:

2-1 Werder. Schalke’s goalie at it again!


Leipzig 0-0 at HT.
1-0 Leipzig FT. Lookman scored on loan from Everton.


Ankle ligament injury :cry::cry::cry:


The DFB Pokal quarter-finals starts today. Bayern play Paderborn away.


Bayern up against Paderborn thanks to Coman. Comical goal :arteta:

2-0 Lewa. Great finish.

Tolisso on for Muller who is injured.

Kimmich with the third.

Tolisso with the 4th. Good header.

5-0 Robben. Great strike.

Poor Paderbon. Just a training for Bayern. 6-0 Robben again.

6-0 FT. Bayern are through.


Werder up against Leverkusen thanks to a penalty.


2-0. Neverkusen going full Neverkusen.

Neverkusen pull one back. Great move.

Werder 2-1 up at HT.

Leverkusen equalize with Brandt. Sign him up Sven! @Arsenal4thetreble

2-2 FT. ET now.

4-2 Leverkusen FT.

3-2 Leverkusen

4-2 Leverkusen


Frankfurt up at HT against Mainz. Adler lol!

2-0 Frankfurt. Another comical goal :rofl:

Third fuck up at the back for Mainz. 3-0.

3-0 Frankfurt FT.

Schlke 1-0 up at HT against Wolfsburg.

Schalke are through as well.


Leipzig to play Ausburg today.
Leipzig up at HT.


Leipzig 2-0 up. REST ALL THE PLAYERS!


2-0 Leipzig FT.

1-0 Leipzig

2-0 Leipzig


Dortmund 0-0 at HT.
Batman does it again. 1-0 Dortmund.



Perhaps we bought the wrong Batman