Bundesliga Thread


The board signs a manager that was just sacked for leading his team into an historic bad run. What the fuck were they thinking that was going to happen?


1-0 Hoffenheim at HT.
1-1 Aubameyang’s penalty


2-1 FT for Dortmund. 2 out of 2 for Stoger.


BASED Stoeger!!! :sunglasses:


So are you a Dortmund fan again? :henry2:


Hannover-Leverkusen 4-4 FT. Wow! :cech:

1-0 Leverkusen

1-1 Hannover

2-1 Hannover

2-2 Leverkusen

3-2 Hannover

3-3 Leverkusen

3-4 Leverkusen

4-4 Hannover

Hertha leading Leipzig 2-0 at HT.

1-0 Hertha

2-0 Hertha

3-2 FT for Hertha. Another big favour to Bayern.

3-0 Hertha

1-3 Leipzig

2-3 Leipzig


The DFB Pokal round of 16 takes place today and tomorrow.

Mainz-Stuttgart 3-1

Mainz 1-1

Mainz 2-1

Mainz 3-1

Paderborn-Ingolstadt 1-0

Paderborn 1-0

Schalke and Wolfsburg are through as well.


Best game is tomorrow when Stoeger knocks out Munich. :sunglasses:


Are you sure? :xhaka:


No Auba @Persona


Burki with a great save on Lewa! :cech: :henry2: :giroud3:

Werder-Freiburg 3-2 FT

Werder 1-0

Werder 2-0

2-1 Freiburg

3-1 Werder

3-2 Freiburg

Leverkusen are through as well.

1-0 Leverkusen

Bayern up with Boateng. It was coming, as Bayern were having chances after chances.




Indeed. Just shit.


Dortmund are being pushed in their own half :neutral_face:
WTF!? Not even in training you defend in this way :bellerin:. 2-0 Muller.

2-0 Bayern at HT. Just a training for them.


Burki with a great foot save on Muller. Bayern doing they want.
Yarmolenko pulls one back from nowhere.

Bayern are through, while Frankfurt go to ET.


Frankfurt are through as well.

1-0 Frankfurt

1-1 Heidenheim

1-2 Frankfurt


This is tunring into a one sided love, it seems that only Munich can compete and they are signing all the talented youngsters and not so young players available. BVB has been completely left behind and RBL is doing OK but far from Bayern Munich.

The only one kissing the trophies and making love to success is BM.


waits for Özil to sign a 6 year deal with us


No Lewa for Bayern. Guess Muller is playing as CF.

1-0 Martinez. Fluke goal from a corner.


1-0 Bayern at HT. Not a great overall. Bayern score first and then control it.
Boring, boring game. I remember when Bayern used to put 4/5 goals past every opponent and not just controlling the game.
Muller comes close to the 2-0 with a good shot from outside the box.
2-0 Ribery, but Robben looked offside.


Volland pulls one back with a deflected shot.


What a big, big chance for Leverkusen! Should have really scored here.
4 minutes added on.
What a goal from James! Just brilliant!


3-1 Bayern FT.


Just check the table

Bayern has absolutely no competitor in that league.
Bundesliga is so non competitive that Schalke is still second despite drawing 4 out of last 5 games.


Errr, spot the difference