Bundesliga Thread


I got the Peter part just didn’t get the rest (manager who got Koeln only 3 pts this season) until I did. :+1:


Cologne lost 3-4 after being 3-0 up against Freiburg :smile:


Wait Peter Stöger? Wasn’t he like just sacked?


Frank de Boer, Ronald Koeman and Peter Bosz all sacked before Christmas.

Not a single Dutch manager in a top job and they couldn’t make the World Cup, future looks pretty bleak.


Amazing we managed to lose a game to this side.


Midweek’s round-up today and tomorrow.
Wolfsburg up at HT against Leipzig.

1-1 FT. Another gift to Bayern.


Let’s see if they can do better with this new coach.

Toprak and Burki are so inconsistent. Bartra luckily did not start, he is their worst defender.


Guerreiro at midfield?


Dortmund still very shit at the back. Mainz could have scored here.
Mainz are dominating lol!
Yarmolenko wastes the chance to score here by waiting too long to shoot.
Stoger looks like a nazi doctor.
Dortmund still have to shoot on target.
0-0 at HT. Mainz have been the better team so far. At least Cocktorund haven’t conceded yet. Big improvement for them.
Sokratis. 1-0 Dortmund.

Mainz should have equalized here.
Beautiful counter by Dortmund. Kagawa should have scored the 2-0.
2-0 Kagawa. They score on counter now.

2-0 FT for Dortmund. That bald cunt has already been forgotten.


@CunningLinguist where art thou? I don’t like seeing this thread come up and your profile pic only to see that we are without our main German man. :frowning:


Why? We have @Persona and @PPB. Both are germans.


Fuck you


Austrians are little germans :wink:



Sule should have scored here. Great header from him from a corner.
Bayern controlling the game without any problem.
Chance for Lewa now. He doesn’t hit the ball well from a very good position.
Bayern have yet to score. Strange.
Here we go. 1-0 Lewa.


Tight win for Bayern. Schalke are second atm.


Gladbach up against Hamburg at HT.

3-1 FT for Gladbach. They are fourth atm.

1-1 Hamburg

2-1 Gladbach


3-1 Gladbach


Bayern 0-0 at HT against Stuttgart.
Bayern win 1-0 thanks to Muller, but Stuttgart miss a penalty right at the end. Now Dortmund-Hoffenheim.

Penalty saved

First win in the league for Cologne.


Das honeymoon ist over. :stuck_out_tongue: Poor at the back, as is tradition.


Imagine having Kimmich, James Rodriguez, Hummels and Javi Martinez available on the bench lol


Get Bosz back.