Bundesliga Thread


You are shit, so much worse than us :ozil2:. We are destroying you in the Europa League :wink:


Don’t know how he’s still even in the job. Last game they won was in late October against Magdeburg in the cup. No wins in the league since September. :neutral_face:


@Bl1nk, you dutch like to troll.



Lol. Since the equaliser Bremen have had 2 massive chances for the 1-2. :neutral_face:


Wasn’t it an own goal? A bit of a fluke, tbh.


HAHAHAHAHA and Bremen take the 1-2. Just finishing my edit above aswell.


Defence’s and Burki :expressionless:. 2-1 Werder.


Ref in the Bayern game gave a red to an Eintracht player and then reversed it after video assistance and only booked him. Cool!


2-2 Mainz against Leipzig. Great result for Bayern!

Dortmund with another defeat, Leipzig draw and Bayern win, instead. They are running away with the title.


FT 1-2 Bremen. Another loss for Utter Tosh…I mean Peter Bosz.


“Give me my place back”.


wow, really?
Didn’t know it was this bad.


Gladbach-Schalke 1-1 FT. Schalke miss the chance to go 2nd.



About time :xhaka:


are they gonna replace him with fat sam or pardew?



As a Dortmund fan you may have owned yourself here.


Wait…I’ve just realised why I recognise that name. WTF are they thinking?

BVB is a good job so why can’t they get a decent manager? :neutral_face:


So the man who got sacked only 1 week ago by Cologne after an awful start to the season. Are Dortmund on drugs? :neutral_face:


Peter out, Peter in.

Why else would I tag you o_O