Bundesliga Thread


Bartra’s a member of the “better on attack than defence” school of CBs.


Cocktor, game over.


Brilliant tackle from Bartra on our lad Asano. :muscle:


Brilliant that from Yarmo. Ruled out for handball.


How is he doing?


He looks decent in play but his goal and assist totals are awful. 30 odd games last season 4g/4a. 12 games this no goals and 1 assist.


HOW IS THIS NOT 3-1?! Stuttgart wasting chance after chance.


2-1 FT for Stuttgart. Only 1 point in the last 5 games for Dortmund.


Bayern leading 2-0 at HT. Vidal and Lewa.
A brace for Lewa. 3-0.
So Bayern win and Leipzig draw. Guess it means title over.


Schalke second in the table atm.


Stuttgart up at HT against Hannover.
1-1 FT. First point for Hannover after 2 defeats in a row.


Derby time today :hipster:. @Persona


Burki is so shit Weidenfeller is back in goal.
Edit: he is only injured :expressionless:. Great atmosphere though.
Nice action, albeit a bit lucky. 1-0 Auba!


Dortmund have dominated and deserve the lead.
Great own goal! Schalke have been pussy so far.

What a cross by Auba! Great header by Gotze as well. 3-0!

4-0 Guerreiro! :cech:

Leipzig up against Werder.





Video updates as well.
I like this.


So easy for Dortmund. 4-0 at HT.
Schalke’s goal is disallowed.


Gelsenkirchen score one back from a nice set-piece. VAR disallows for offside.


WOW. Fahrmann almost royally fucked up.


You are finally here. Your boys playing great today :hipster:


Now it stands. 4-1.

Dortmund! :expressionless:

4-2! Game on!


That Daily Mail journalist is going to be fuming. Look what Dortmund posted!



Dortmund down to 10 men!
4-3! Dortmund are not winning this one.


Comeback, comeback, comeback