Bundesliga Thread


Hey. None of my other teams have any chance of winning anything. I’ve forgotten that feeling of winning the league.


What about the CS and the F.A. Cup? :henry2:


Well yes, the FA Cup. That was great this year. But I have a feeling we’ll be out early this year.

Whereas Bayern… the treble is on :sunglasses:


We are gonna win the League Cup!


The referee is injured :mustafi:


Bosz must surely go, he’s fucking awful. Don’t see how he lasts the season.

Dutch managers have been utter dog shit this season.


Very disappointing lately from BVB, they looked good right at the start of the season also.


Finally Dortmund score.


Pulisic absolutely sublime there. Brilliant finish from Bartra too!


3-1 Bayern FT. Dortmund so naive.


Outclassed from minute 1. They need to sort their defence out and fast, Bartra is no right-back. Couple months ago people had them for the title.

Can’t see Bosz getting his marching orders this early.


No it hasn’t


Dortmund’s CL campaign has been a disaster, but other than that, I think they’re getting the results that you can expect from them.

Lots of work to be done, if they’re to challenge for the title.


There is a wild card to the World Cup? Why did I not know this?!


Again? :no_mouth:


It’s a bad way to say “I want out” :wenger:


@Persona, are you capable of beating the mighty Stuttgart today? :hipster:


Dortmund down. Pathetic team!
1-1 now.



2-1. No defence. :rofl:


What is Stuttgart’s kit? Can’t decide if I like it or not