Bukayo Saka


Baller :fire::fire::fire:

Born: 5 September 2001 London, England
Nationality: English
Current teams: Arsenal, England U19





What a shit OP. For shame!! Can you fix this @Bl1nk @Mysty I’m 5 pints in and on a bus!

Not that I’d do it if 0 pints in and on a dev spec PC. :+1:


Wtf do you want?! There isn’t even a page on him in the arsenal youth section I checked :joy:


There’s an article on him here for people who want to know more about him aside from the fact that he is a “baller” :smile:


SAKA the future of Arsenal :star_struck:


is he a defender or a winger?


He’s making me feel well old :see_no_evil:


Had a pretty nice debut for a kid of his age even if it was against woeful opposition. Would’ve been nice if he found the net on what was a rather easy chance late in the game.


What an adorable young lad, didn’t even see the match but glad he impressed!!


Seems very raw


We shouldn’t get too carried away with this guy, but Michael Owen compared him to Cristiano Ronaldo… #JustSaying


Thought the same. But that’s the reason why these kids need to get minutes.



Wow if he is half as good as Wilshere…


Born in 2001 aww he’s just a baby


I missed the Fulham game, so how did he look for the short time he was on? Any telling glimpses of future greatness?


Didn’t watch the game but read he didn’t have a touch but still nice to see him on the pitch.


What with us playing 6 Europa group games a season now for 2 seasons and the forseeable future, there’s never been a better window for the best of our yoof to press a claim

He’s had a good breakout season already and can still get more minutes if we get past Blackpool and Borisov


We might see us get a goal with a pass from Xhaka, onto Saka, scored by our attacker, Laca with a cracker.