Bukayo Saka (7)

With Saka, Leno, Gabriel, and hopefully Injury free Partey/Tierney we have a good backbone, we are not so far away of being a really good team, lets hope Arteta/Edu are the guys to make this happen.

I want that Alan Pardew special.

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I think it was only a 3 year deal. Which meant an immediate boost in money and essentially a guaranteed contract renegotiation in the very near future.

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Absolutely brilliant to have this guy coming through. Tbf did’t expect too much from him during the last year, but obviously convinced me recently.

The most impressive thing about him for me is his mentality. Such a great, exemplary attitude. Just hope he keeps with the same attitude and just as important - stays injury free, and he could become one of the league’s most productive attackers for the next (current) decade.

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Haha I had forgotten about that. Fucking 8 year deal. No manager will ever get a contract like that again. Fucking madness. Ain’t nobody who can eshplayn what the fook was going on in Mike Ashley’s head when he signed off on that.

If I remember right, some of Pardew’s random coaching staff got 8 year contracts as well. Clown ass shit


To be fair didn’t Moyes get a 7 year contract not that long after? Haha


This 19 year old kid trying to carry us again.
State of this man.

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Something quickly needs to start happening at this club because he won’t be hanging around in mid table mediocrity.
Meeting up and playing with England players talk money and experiences.
Won’t take much too turn his head. See Sterling at Liverpool.
This long drawn out patience plan Arteta and the board think they have is very unlikely to impress a young talented player for long.


Meh, bit of an overreaction.

Just start him vs Benfica then leave him out of the squad for the Leicester trip.

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To be fair we’ll be out of the Europa League soon and then he’ll only have to play once a week

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Watch Arteta play him in both games though.

We should not be relying on a teenager so much.


Bukayo ‘High Ceiling’ Saka

@Ashgooner1 :wright:


Bukayo ‘Burj Khalifa’ Saka


Legit future big star.

Gonna name my kid Bukayo

Big Dick Saka

we have to keep this guy at all costs

Why don’t stat nerds post stats about Saka?