Bukayo Saka (7)

Saka is so good that even when he’s out of form he’s still one of the best attacking players in the PL and arguably our best player since we moved to the Emirates.

Not even top 5 but he’s moving in the right direction.

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I presume in particular order the top 5 are Fabregas, RvP, Ozil, Alexis and Ramsey?

I’d definitely put guys like Sagna and Cazorla above Ramsey. Maybe Auba too (ignore his last year, he was a goal machine in the worst team we had in decades).

Nasri was pretty decent too. I gues Saka is in a similar place where Nasri was before he left, although Saka hasn’t reached that peak 2011 Nasri level (he was on some PEDs that year).


I keep thinking this and maybe it’s because of the free-flowing style of last season in our minds but with the numbers he is posting up this season, can he be considered out of form?

I think as a result of how we play this season and how teams specifically play against him, it certainly limits his full potential but can you imagine if he played in a different league? I imagine he would be racking up a lot more goals and assists. I think we also expect him to bag a goal every game or two and it maybe isn’t as appreciated as it would be if Jesus or Martinelli scored.

He’s quietly going about his business so far.

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There’s been talk of him not having his best season.
If that’s true, other clubs will be quaking in their boots when he does hit a bit of form. :grinning:


Cats saw him being the best player on the park in a World Cup KO game against France and they still think the guy is messing about and get insulted when you call hin world-class, lol.


idno how this guy does it, what a player :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



5 G/As since dropping that blonde hair gimmick


With 14 games to go, hopefully he beats last seasons goal tally of 14.

He is on target for 16 at the current rate. Reckon he ends up with 14 or 15 unless he hits some unbelievable scoring form.

Rio has spoken

Does that mean lewandowski, messi and Ronaldo are no longer world class? Or is it a milestone that once you hit you never lose the tag?

Saka clearly proven himself as one of the best out there for the past 3 years now, even dragging us through games when we were shit, and also done it for England when bigger ‘stars’ didn’t.

For me he can still improve a load but there’s no doubt he’s in that top bracket.

Good bit of bait from rio though

I don’t think Saka is world class either.

World class is proving it at the very highest level for a consistent period of time. He’s on his way to having 2 stellar domestic seasons, so that box is ticker.

But he also needs a great CL campaign to prove that he can also perform against Europe’s elite.

That’s my definition anyway, everybody looks at it differently.

If this season he scores some big goals in the QFs or later of the CL then he gets into that bracket.

He’s not far away.


The defence for Saka not being World Class is becoming weaker. He’s been brilliant for England and has been one of the top attackers in the world’s best league for three seasons.

He’s been on fire in the Champions League.

The boy is world class. I don’t need him to score in the quarter finals against Atletico Madrid when he’s scored in NLD and shredded City and Liverpool.

This season cements him as world class for me.

There’s not a single team in the world he doesn’t start.

Arsenal? He starts.
City? He starts.
Liverpool? He starts.
Man Utd(lol)? He starts.
Madrid? He starts.
Barca? He starts.
Bayern? He starts.

Simply, he’s a top 10 player in the world.

Statistically he’s one of the most productive players in the game.
Market wise he’s the 5th most valuable player in the world behind Mbappe, Haaland, Bellingham and Vini.

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Does Rio always pivot like that? What a mess of an answer.