Bukayo Saka (7)

That’s nice to hear.
It’s a shame we don’t have more players like him.

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I reckon same as Guen. 40k-50k

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I doubt it takes that long if its 40-50k. I reckon he’ll be close to 100k

Sakadinho signs!!

Has to be more surely. I can’t see the club having ever offered him less than £40-50k to begin with so I’m willing to bet the delay is over how much he valued himself at and us and the club maybe meeting half way at around £80k?

4 year deal

Yayy. Never in doubt :sunglasses:

He’s only 18 tbf. I can see it being a base salary of around 50k with with big appearance based fees and other bonuses such as assists and goals. Also if he plays say X amount of games in a season, he’ll get a big end of season bonus. This will keep him working hard to maintain his place in the team.

Just spitballing but reckon it’s along those lines.


As long as he gets paid more than the Brighton players, that’s all that matters


Well that’s a lovely late birthday present. Fantastic news. feels like a new signing

Can see him on 70K easy.

He’s proven he can get numbers, don’t see it taking so long to sign if signed for the same as Guendouzi

Good news whatever the wages are, couldn’t afford to lose another promising youngster especially when Balogun is on his way out.

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Would be ridiculous if true. Januzaj levels of ridiculous. Only been on the scene for three quarters of a season.

Glad he signed a new contract. COYG

So hyped.


this is fantastic news, the best player we’ve had from the academy for years

I’m happy it got done but it’s still worrying it got this far down the road before that happened.

Yeah man, how many years and what’s his salary. No details have been released from any of the major news outlets that I’ve seen.

He’s a great English prospect, undoubtedly the most exciting since Wilshere. Considering how desperate we are right now, I’d be shocked if he was on anything less than 70k.

Reckon his agent would have played a blinder, could be on 100k for all we know.

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If we didn’t tie this one up, every alarm bell would have been ringing. Frankly some still are cause he clearly wasn’t convinced, but why would he be at the moment?

It’s great to be holding onto a footballer with serious potential but one who’s also our own, cause essentially if they fucked this up Raul should’ve been gone.

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‘Why sign? Come on, it’s Arsenal you know!’

Bukayo Saka was never in any doubt that this is exactly the right club for him.

Our teenage forward extended his contract with the club on Wednesday and, asked why he was so sure this was the best place for him, his response was emphatic.

“It’s Arsenal, you know. Come on, it’s Arsenal!” Saka told Arsenal Digital. “The stadium is great, the fans are great, the club is great. Everything about this club is great.

"I love playing for Arsenal, you know. I love playing for the coach, the fans, my team-mates, I really believe in the philosophy that the boss is bringing and what he’s building, and I’m just really excited to see where he’s going to take us in the future.

“I felt that it was right in my heart to extend my contract here and I feel like this is going to be best for my development.

“When I was at Hale End, I just remember always seeing a picture of Jack Wilshere on the walls when I walked in every single day,” he added. “I just used to tell myself that it’s possible to get into this first team, that there’s a pathway.

“Now that I’m in this position and that I’ve got to the level he got to when he was my age, I’m really proud of myself, I’m really happy and I just want to keep taking each day by day, staying humble and trying to get better each day.”


Arsenal got two Ballon D’Or candidates now in Saka and Pepe. Fucking hell, what massive, massive club.