Bukayo Saka (7)

Was watching the game with a Man Utd fan.
I could feel him getting stressed with the way we started the second half but he didn’t want to show it.

Moments before the goal when Saka got the ball he was like “Look at this fucking guy, he thinks he’s Mes”, Saka shoots, Saka scores, he shuts the fuck up, I tell him “Maybe he is”. :rofl:

When he did Rashford’s celebration he was absolutely fuming.


Saka plays with a level of casual superiority. He knows he can create a yard, or get past his marker, or make space for a team mate.

He’s genuinely one of the best players in the league, probably Europe. He dominates 1v1.

So, so good. That goal was just the icing. And a beauty it was. Match winning, league defining contributions.


Every superlative you can think of for this young man.

Crazy how young and good he is.

No way Arsenal can let him leave.

Still can’t believe that goal he scored—and damn close to another from a similar angle.

Once defenders start overplaying not letting him cut in, he’s just gonna blow by them on the outside.


Love this lad and he’s one of ours :heart:


that is like Cruyff… no way that guy is fast then boom, first few steps and you’re caught leaning the wrong direction… bang.

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It’s just his confidence and composure that always amazes me, from his very first games…

When you look at the skills, pace etc a guy like Anthony should be a better player. But what separates Saka from most he doesn’t boast with some super skills or some extreme agility/pace, just makes the right moves at the right time.

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Don’t discount those skills either. Not many wingers scoring like he did today.

But, his decision making separates him from those you listed.

And to think he isn’t at his peak yet…


Think he goes into Euro 2024 as the star player

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Btw the fucking goal to take the lead…unreal.

He’s taking games by the scruff of the neck. All the clichés that Neville, Souness and Andy Gray got hard over.

He is that guy. To coin an Americanism, he is the franchise player.

Can’t believe he’s a Gooner. Give him 250k a week. Just get that contract signed.


Hopefully as an Arsenal player.

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If it weren’t for that deflection he would have scored a second one the same exact way.

The boy just keeps adding to his ehem…Arsenal.


I remember when Sterling praised Arteta for making him a much better attacker, and now we’re seeing him work his magic with Saka!


Can save his 3 bad games for that.



Big game player. Talisman. Lovely human


to think that he isnt even CLOSE to being in his prime yet…carry on like this he is gonna be a totally scary player to deal with (i suppose he already is to a degree).

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Baby-faced assassin.


Went to the start of the thread and saw some old posts. Damn!
He was really slept on.
Some people were adamant about him not being that special of a talent or not having the ability to play as a forward.
I made some wild takes about him back then, I was fully serious though(AC sighting ahead):

Saka is a special, special player.
With Vini’s poor form this season, I think currently he is the second best wide forward in the world behind Mbappe.

Him in the CL next season will be madness. Can see him kicking it up a gear again.


Most underrated moment of the match was Saka mocking Rashford after the goal, atta boy :saluting_face:


Most underrated moment for me was when we conceded the first goal and the players firing one and other up.
Don’t remember the last time I seen that. Not sure I actually have at the Emirates before.


Comfortably a top 5 winger in world football, I don’t care what anyone says.

Scary that he’s still just 21.