Bukayo Saka (7)

Join the rest of us on the hype train @Ashgooner1, it’s long overdue.

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He signed a new deal last year. Up to 2024 I think.

Yeah on wages that aren’t that big from memory, really cost himself some coin Bukayo, if he was signing now it would be 150k a week.

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Hazardesque dribbling. Absolutely love this guy to bits.

Was hoping to wake up and find a video of his mazy run.

You guys disappoint

The sheer clownery to overturn this.

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Zero consistency

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It’s not debatable really. You can’t claim any other player has been better.

For me the top three performers this season are Saka, Tierney and Gabriel in that order.

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I think if you were to look at average performance level you’d go with Tierney but the fact Saka has shown the consistency over the larger number of games swings it for him.

Did enjoy the Henry special though


I really hope these guys win more than just a couple of FA Cups. Would be a waste if they wouldn’t.

He’s just the fucking best.

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I feel like I sinned badly when peak Arteta was happening and I questioned this boys talent.

What a special, special player we have on our hands!

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That plum on talksport drive already using Saka to try to get a rise out of fans by saying he’s too good for us :grin:

If we don’t get back in the Champions league in the next couple of years he will be, kid is fucking special and if we aren’t playing CL by the time he’s 21 or 22 I can see him wanting out.

Lucky for us he’s that good he might drag us to the top 4 by himself by then.


It’s my nap time and you guys still disappoint

We should sign him to a new deal soon if we can. Yes, we signed him last summer but his agent (same as Balogun and Sancho and kind of an ass) insisted on a four year deal, which wasn’t ideal, so he is only with us until summer 2024. This summer is the time to let him lock in some much more substantial money in exchange for committing to us through 2026. He is still only on like 30k per week or something very modest.


One of those 6+ year deals please

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Have to hope he stays relatively injury free so he can have a great career

I remember raving about him in October 19 and saying he’d be better than Pepe and then being told I was calling it prematurely.

Right from his early performances he looked like he was going to be mustard and I’m pleased my early over optimism hasn’t been disappointed - not yet anyway.

If he carries on improving he’ll be unbelievable. Comes across as a lovely kid too - well brought up and a credit to his family as well as himself. Really nice to see and one of the big bright spots in a horrible season otherwise.

Pure negligence from the club if they don’t act on this right now.