Brighton vs Arsenal (PL) 0-3

We thought Brighton was gonna be easy last season and look what happened to us :eyes:.

Need to treat every team as if they’re world beaters otherwise we’ll get lax. I’m not worried about our defence, but our front 3-4 have been woeful with their chances.

Should’ve put 4-5 past Luton last night if Trossard, Kai and Nelson had anything about them.

8 more finals to go. Let’s do this.

Hopefully, our ability to rotate vs inability should give us the advantage.

We can bring in rested versions of Rice, Saka and Martinelli/Jesus.

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We won the corresponding fixture from last season tbh.

That home game defeat was irrelevant as we were done mentally

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This could be a very tough game having to face both Brighton and Hove in close succession. There will be goals, unless the score remains 0-0 after 90 minutes (120 minutes if lots of VAR shenanigans).

The Arsenal will win this as revenge for all the seagulls shitting on my company vehicle back when I used to work there. And revenge for all the cunts on a night out on West St. Friday/Sat night. I voted Brighton win, but reckon we can scrape a victory versus Hove.

So 1-1 FT.


They’ll come out flying against us of course. It’s the same way Emery had a predictable wet fart against City but will send Villa out gassed up against us.


They did well against Liverpool so might be dangerous. De Zerbi plays football and they’re home so they’ll definitely try to get at us.

Hopefully its one of those games where they fall apart and concede 5 goals in 9 minutes.


Our game against them comes in between their Conference League games against Lille. With Emery’s record and focus on Europe, I’m hoping he will field a B team against us as well.

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2-1 to us and Trossard to score first.

Can see this being a high scoring one. 2-4 win to us.

0 -6 like at Sheffield away, should do it.

Bukayo Saka will undergo a late fitness test to assess his availability for this weekend’s game at Brighton & Hove Albion.

Saka was left out of the squad for Wednesday’s 2-0 win at home to Luton Town, but Mikel Arteta will use Friday’s session at Sobha Realty Training Session to make a decision.

“We will know with our training session in a few hours,” he said at his press conference on Friday morning. “We will know whether he is fit or not.”

Asked if there is any concern about Bukayo burning out towards the end of the season, Mikel added: “I’m super positive, I think he’s going to fly and be so decisive.

“Because he’s so strong, how much he wants it when you talk to him and how excited he is about what is coming, he wants to be there. He’s getting better and better and it’s normal to have little niggles. You have kicks and he’s gone through a lot of that in the last two or three years and look at the way he’s performing.”

Jesus is more than able to play RWF. He’s Not played for title winning teams. No drama if Saka needs longer.

Not surprised if Saka’s got a long-term injury… that’s what happens when you’re overplayed :person_shrugging:

Cooked at 22 y/o.

A rational response to a relatively standard fitness test there.

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Laughable take. You think the moonlanding was a conspiracy too?

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Yeah, because these are their remaining home games lol:


You persist with this take - I have showed repeatedly that other top players have played more minutes than Saka incl. at his age and it has not cut short their careers.

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