Brighton & Hove Albion Vs Arsenal (Un-Postponed)

Sat 20th June - 15:00
Live on BT Sports

Literally, QUITE LITERALLY, a nothing game.

Wouldn’t be surprised if it gets cancelled tomorrow.

What a joke this is. Hope no one goes

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We’ll end up going.

While I agree it’s 100% irresponsible by the PL to allow fixtures to go ahead, for the fans, it’s a bit of release. Even a 70 to 90 year old fan may be tempted to go.

I dread to think what the coronavirus figures will be like come Monday, though :pensive:

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aye we’re meant to play a fucking game tomorrow, with our head coach having corona? Get to fuck.

We should forfeit, and tell the corrupt PL to go fuck themselves.

Little lizard cunts.

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Well, this ain’t happening now

Got to be postponed. What a fucking joke

Mikel Arteta has the virus now…

Yeah well done to Mikel for agreeing to share this information and hopefully take us a step further to closing the season down

Brighton official Twitter account says that the game has been postponed.

BBC reporting that now as well

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This may be the shortest match day thread ever


I swear we’ve never beaten Brighton since their promotion? :joy:

Weekend saved on the footballing front

We beat them in our first premier league meeting in October 2017


I don’t know if we’d necessarily beat b&ha now but Wenger would, he would’ve had more points at this stage of the league and if we had switched out the people around him earlier we’d have easily stayed top 4 and with an upwards trajectory, this is a man who had more wins than losses against every single team in the PL table except United.


He lost the last time he played them.

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I see what you did there oompa :wink:


The Athletic saying this is on Saturday 20 June 3PM live on BT SPORT

The first live Arsenal 3pm game in the UK! (?) :raised_hands: