Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


I think it’s these voters that the right wing media appeal to and that’s why they continually go on about immigration, asylum seekers, benefit scroungers etc, rather than the massively wealthy who pay no tax.
But whoever the voters are, they were lied to by the right wing media.

Move abroad :grin:


Oh well that’s alright then :roll_eyes:

Real shame how some people view the world so narrowly. I’m sure they’re good people and all so not trying to bash them.

Hard to say what will happen from here on out, but fingers crossed it works out for the best and you get to stay on a more permanent basis.

This all seems so unjust mate.


The leavers be like


Thanks man, it’s a bit of a shit show. I’m used to moving around a lot though, and I’ve always been interested in heading over to the US anyway so I guess we’ll see. Who knows what’s going to happen with me and my girlfriend in the next 2 years as well.

In any case, the psychology behind voting interests me.

A good friend of mine is a Fine Arts student here in the UK (he’s American). He’s very flamboyant and queer and proud of it; cross-dressing pangender whatever, the whole 9 yards. Goes on nights out dressed as a woman in a massive bright blue wig and mini-skirt and 6 inch fuck me pumps, Ru-Paul style. Guess what? He voted Trump. He’s not into politics, but his mom and brother are Republicans and his brother is doing a Masters in War Studies, total frat bro and is training to be a navy seal and they both convinced him to vote Trump.

I’m like :anguished::dizzy_face::anguished::thinking:

Sure, vote who you want to vote for, I have no problem with that, but like, at least be informed and aware if you are going to vote. I’d rather you just abstain if that isn’t the case.


Wait, so his brother, a bad-ass navy seal couldn’t convince him to act like a man and drop the queer shit but did convince him to vote for Trump. I guess the heart wants what it wants. Or the ass wants what it wants, I don’t know.



Dennis Skinner voting to give the conservatives sweeping power. Lol.


He’s getting a bit of stick for this, especially from the Scottish Nationalists.

But he has always been a strong Eurosceptic who has wanted out of the EU and his constituency voted leave a in a substantial amount so this wasn’t anything unexpected for me at least.


Constitutional upheaval was just one of the many consequences of Brexit. In all honesty I can’t see many other ways of transferring EU laws in British statutory books before 2019 without a bill similar to this.


We will still leave the EU with or without this bill?


Why is he still around?


I’m only picking up on what this bill that was recently voted on means. Fuck me yis should be out marching against this.


He just won’t go away :neutral_face: Bet this went down like a led balloon at number 10.


Boris represents the wrong kind of politics I want to see in this country.


I agree.
Johnson is like the bully at a posh school.
He is self entitled and thinks he should have power for no other reason that he was from a wealthy family and he is clearly a narcissist.
He is an Eton educated version of Trump.
No brains, no real ideas, just a chancer who craves power and fame like the worst reality contestant.



Sitting duck PM that will either get thrown out in 2022 by the electorate or 2019 by her own party after a Brexit failure.

I didn’t actually see the speech, but apart from gentler rhetoric I really don’t see any more detail on how she wants negotiations to go. Still, her, cabinet ministers and many journalists got a freebie to Florence so not all bad…


Fckn typical May - she needs fckn off along with the Conservatives !!


Spineless cowards at labour party have decided to completely ignore Brexit from their conference. For the solely political reasons of saving their own blushes.

Nice oppositio party we have. Cunts.