Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


Loving it just for the seeth it’s gonna cause all the vote leavers :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Not much different to Johnson, Farage, Gove, Rees Mogg etc.
There aren’t many politicians that aren’t in it to feather their own nest, or that aren’t being paid by someone else to feather theirs.


That was a fun couple of hours

Edit: amazing. Truly amazing.

Shows Labour for the pack of fools that they are. I don’t mean just Corbyn and the like. But all the people’s vote, FPFB or whatever the fuck it is, types.

You’re for a peoples vote, but not if you have a chance to make it happen? Sums up these careerist arseholes.

Fuck Labour. morons, with no idea what they’re doing. And you can’t blame Corbyn for all of that.

People’s Vote is dead.


I think they have decided that now isn’t the time to press for the People’s Vote.

We have now voted against May’s Deal, against No Deal, against 2nd vote, against deferment of article 50, and against Indicative Votes. We’ve ruled out everything hahahahaha…


Well there’s no time for a peoples vote now because it’s dead.


How’s it dead? They abstained so they could vote on it later (I think?)


It’s not dead. But the optics of them just sitting there isn’t good.


Theresa May is going to bring her shit deal back for a third go next week.


The way May is going on is starting to feel a little bit Wenger :wenger:


Except nobody has ever loved her


you mean if she was asked couldnt you foresee what was going to happen

‘uhhhhh weelll i uuhhh didnt see it, i strongly feel that i had the qualitee and the desire to do well’


Wenger always found a way out of europe. Defo not a remainer.






No deal brehs. No deal.

Remember we got about 11 days left



My new hero :heart_eyes:







He also has an admirably good pronounciation of English words. I shall aim to one day become as good as him at it.