Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


So are you saying that the snowlfakey young liberals aren’t throwing any tantrums? Or you are just pointing out the hypocrisy?


Up the Albion


Theresa May is holding an unexpected press conference outside Downing Street at 11;15. Must be something quite big. Early general election perhaps?


Going to war with NKorea…very brexit.
Or she missed out on the ballot for semi final tickets.
Or she’s sending an expeditionary force to Gibralter or Benidorm



It’s a General Election! Just confirmed from Theresa May. 8th June.

How will Corbyn react? :joy:


By holding up a white flag?



Wonder if England hates sand too?


Polandball is the best!

“Großbritannien” :joy:


Didn’t really understand it lol.


A Tweet I saw, and thought was quite true and quite concerning:





Neither will disown it, unfortunately.


It’s easy to vote “no” just because it’s easy to focus on the negatives in your own life. Maybe its all EUs fault? Because the grass must definitely be greener on the other side.
Then it takes a year or so to sink in. During this year the majority of the “no-voters” have learned a lot. They now know what the EU is and how an exit will affect them. And guess what? It seems the grass isn’t greener on the other side. Ah well…maybe next time it’s a good idea to educate yourself and learn what your voting for (or against).


Why leaving the EU was put to public vote is beyond me. This is a public that turn out to vote more on Big Brother than a general election.


Yet to see any polling that suggests that people have changed, or are likely to change, their minds on brexit. It’s fairly consistent with the outcome of the referendum (about 52-48, shifting to and from 50-50).

Regardless, it’d now be a political tragedy if brexit were not to happen. Both for the EU and British democracy. It’s be a lose-lose.


It wouldn’t be a tragedy for the EU at all. It’d be a massive PR coup.