Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


If we have a third vote on May’s deal…Parliament is a Best of 5 Series :arteta:


Isn’t a lot of people aiming for a #PeoplesVote and #IndyRef2 on the same side?


So no no-deal just for 4 votes? It’s gettingf a bit comical now.


What exactly was the point in these motions? If there’s no deal agreed in the HoC and between UK-EU before the 29th, we leave with no deal. It’s in UK and EU law we leave on that date.


Dunno lol


Not sure either, tbh. :smiley: Just seems to be so. Many on the Independence side accepted the result but were then reignited to leave the UK when England voted Brexit. :grinning:

At least that’s the way I view it. Granted my view is dictated by Scots on Twitter. :sweat_smile:


Not Scottish Labour, the Scottish Tories or the Scottish Lib Dems.

Or quite possibly the English versions. Hypocritical bastards.

If Darth Theresa is gonna be a bitch about it, fight her in the courts!

State of her. Nicola will easily uppercut her and send her chin crumbling down like London Bridge.


EU: “Agree a deal you crooked teeth fucks or law dictates you leave on 29th without a deal”


Yer da’s are crying throughout Britain tonight


I’m actually hoping for a no deal Brexit for the drama, out of spite and for the plummeting house prices


How much you expecting it to go down haha


Another vote for next week on her deal according to twitter?


What would be the point? It’s still never going to get through the House.


Talk of a 2 year extension. Jesus God. I don’t think I could handle 2 more years of this. And today’s vote means nothing because you cant actually take no deal off the table. Obviously it’s Leave, or a second ref to confirm it, everything else is pointless.


Haha part of me is surprised the Russians and Chinese didn’t cause a huge selloff on the back of the original referendum cause the property market to plummet in a flash

I genuinely don’t think we’re leaving the EU fwiw


Must think the ERG will cave in but I’m npt so sure


The EU are not going to accept an extension without either a second referendum, or a General Election.


Quite funny now. You might even vote in the european elections lol!


ERG make up like 1/3 of the votes she didn’t get last time. She’ll need a lot more than that to get it through.


Who or what is ERG ? :no_mouth: