Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union



The EU will agree to an extension. It’s in their interests to do so, even if a few of the EU27 grumble about it. They may try and aid the Remainers and force the hand by accepting only a long extension tho.


I love that the morons in the bubble seem to think just because the commons votes against No deal today, will mean that no deal can’t happen.

Pretty sure they’ve voted against it already.

Thread, but the end point is basically:


Today’s vote is a complete waste of time and has no legal bearing whatsoever. As indicative votes go, we’re way past that. We should be getting right on with extending Article 50, someone needs to slap Jezza hard and wake him from his daydream of a Labour Brexit and start building a consensus towards 2ndRef


A general election is needed to clear up the mess the two political parties are in. You have parties within parties and the voters need to know that the party they vote for is fully behind their manifesteo. People who voted leave need to know their party all want the same. Same for people who voted remain.
What we have is half of one side in both parties. Therefore even getting through this first bit of brexit won’t solve the long term disagreement between MP’s of the same party. It will be groundhog day


Oh the blunders all round


I think it’s no deal, or no Brexit. Like it’s always been.


What a sad bunch of cunts.


Your boy Salvini already said he’d veto it :arteta:

Thnx bro


My boy? He is a fucking fascist, you tool :bellerin:


Lol true sorry M8.

Lega Nord and the Poles said they’d veto any attempt at extending Brexit in any case, I’ve heard.


Yeah, but basically these bunch of cunts are doing their own business, instead of serving the country. Hope it backfires them.


Scenes. Elect just got doneeee :wink:


Even during a whipped vote, May lost. It was very marginal, but still a loss.


What an absolute bunch of cunts. No deal under any circumstances ever but the perfectly decent deal May put together isn’t good enough because of one thing.




Scotland isn’t a real country, it needs Theresa’s permission. :unai:





Funny how when people want a vote for Brexit again its cool but if we want another Indy vote it was once in a generation!!