Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


In Italy, that amount of general elections would be considered a period of stability.




And then congratulations to Mrs May will be in order for orchestrating the biggest shitshow in history resulting in what she wanted all along.



I think I suggested this a while ago in jest but I’m getting a bit more convinced that everything is going to plan.

If nobody wants no deal then that says to me parliament would prefer to remain than leave, and parliament has the power to deliver either outcome regardless of what the EU says or does.


And she goes on lol!


Then Mogg et al are the biggest fools around for not accepting this Brexit.


They would never be forgiven if they voted for May’s deal.


Parliament will not vote to revoke article 50. Whether we like it or not it’s in European law that we leave at the end of at the article 50 process.

I’ve got a horrible feeling that the ERG will get their no deal by default


Only because of their stupid rhetoric. If they had implemented a more conciliatory attitude, this wouldn’t be a problem.


EEA is the best route for the economy give us all the benefits of free trade without having to be part of the ECJ, fisheries policy or Agricultural policy. Yes we would have to accept free movement but only for jobs. But the ERG keep talking about doing there own trade deals. We have little leverage with bigger economies and smaller one won’t replace the trade we do with the EU, no matter how many we get.


The ECJ said we could cancel it at any time. Does the ECJ not have the final say on EU law?


Might aswell stay in the EU if this is the deal


This was my understanding too

This is all so messy


It’s not May’s deal its Norway +


Yep we can do. Sorry I meant that Parliament will not vote to revoke it. If we wanted to I believe we would could do so unilaterally, but that seems a very unlikely thing to happen imo


I don’t know, if it’s the 26th of March and we’re still at an impasse with no extension agreed and they genuinely believe no deal is a catastrophe and refuse to even entertain it as an option then I can’t see how some of the MPs who believe this could in good conscience not attempt to intervene.

Whatever happens it’s most likely going to be a panicked decision that upsets half the country.


I’m not sure what the process/timetable would be tbh. Even if it were to happen I think the legislative route would take too long.

Genuinely feel that it will be no deal now. What a shower of shit


I don’t think they will agree to it. So I see us crashing out without a deal in a couple of weeks.


I can’t see us leaving with no deal simply because it’s political suicide for the MPs who vote for it.
The most important thing that has happened to this country in last 40 years is the good Friday agreement and nothing is worth jepardising this. I should know having been in a London bombing.


If anyone wants the situation neatly summed up for them: