Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


Looking more likely that we’ll ask for an extension to Article 50.




You are fucked, tbh. May is worse than Wenga.


Wenger ruins a football club, may ruins a country…her banter is beyond epic!


Lol round and round we go


Take a drink every time he says ‘General Election’ in this short 25 second clip.



Here we go again. Just comical :xhaka:


Watch them spin this defeat as a positive, because it wont lose by the same margin as last time.


can we pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease just stop this now for fucks sake, we are looking like the most desperate and stupid country in the world right now…tired of this fucking shit now can we please just pack it in for good.




242-391, christ.


Just vote for the deal ffs. The only thing that will get no deal off the table

Still well over 100 :disappointed:


Theresa May voice cracking up.


She’s fucking mental.


Free vote tomorrow which is good. Not sure which way she will go…

Still, Mps need to realise tomorrow’s vote means absolutely fuck all as they have to vote for something agreed upon with the EU

Free vote will piss off the ERG which is good for the country


May bringing this deal back to the commons reminds you as a kid when your mum would send you to the shop to get a pint of milk. Then as soon as you walk through the door she goes ‘I didn’t want semi-skimmed’


Has there ever been three General Elections in four years before? :joy:



My man Donald. Tell these fools to GTF if they even think about asking for an extension.


ERG want to leave without a deal because they fundamentally hate the EU. That’s not a good enough reason when you are elected to do the best for all the country. We live in a union of countries (UK) yet they hate the idea of living in a union of countries (EU) ?