Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


Japan and EU have agreed a trade deal so expect Nissan to depart at some stage.


With the additional Labour MPs splitting from JC is there any chance he’d reverse course and back a second vote?

Not sure what the mood is like over there but from over here is looks like the no-deal train is picking up a lot of steam.


None as far as I can see.



Month before the the exit date? Honestly what a opportunistic coward


How dare you, he’s showing statesmanlike qualities by being pragmatic and having the country’s best interests at heart, while respecting the democracy of the party by following what the membership want.

My leader :heart_eyes:


Yeah it’s a bit desperate tbh, but he’s got to be seen to not be letting a Tory Brexit happen despite having absolutely no power to stop it.

It’s probably too late in the day to achieve anything anyway. I’m not sure what the trigger was for this decision since nothing has changed for weeks, except to take the spotlight off the defections.

He generally needs to be more opportunistic about this kind of stuff though. Rightly or wrongly he has too much of a reputation for being passive when it matters and not taking a stance.

We had a vote and the result was leave. We already had a second vote and people voted for May, so they really deserve whatever mess May presents as her Brexit. Has the second vote camp even decided on a question yet?


He was always going to do it. It was just a matter of when, not if.

I do wish he had done this months ago though.


I get it. It appears like country before party, and in a way that’s correct, but…

it will lose Labour its Leave voters, and when we end up with Brexit anyway, that’ll mean a Tory gov at the helm, and Mogg and co. will be free-handed the opportunity to fuck the country to levels we’ve not seen before. Strategic error.


Will the electorate even care about him coming out in favour of a second referendum come the next election? Brexit would’ve been implemented by then so it’ll be mute. Let the ERG and the Tory party own Brexit and they can be solely held responsible for the inevitable chaos


Congrats to Jezza, he’s managed to piss off his Remain and Leave voters alike. What a cowardly cockwomble he truly is :see_no_evil:


I don’t even think it’s country over party. He’s the opposition and people want a “strong opposition” which is basically just saying that whatever the government does is shit. So when it’s the biggest issue in decades he has to make it known he thinks what they’re doing is shit.

His best chance of success is probably in the aftermath of a catastrophic Brexit, and that’s probably helped if he’s the vice president of the Told You So Brigade.


He’s a politician who has felt the way the wind is blowing and acted accordingly.


Thank fuck this shit for brains pondlife moronic thundercunt is nowhere near health anymore, and I can happily watch him ruin any and all relations with other countries, torpedoing any meaningful trade results.



What do we want? NO POLICIES!

When do we want them? NOW!


The idea we can have a poll about voting intentions which includes a new party formed via opportunistic means barely out the gates without a leader, ideals or any sort of policies or makes me question polls methodology.

What do people see in the interviews where they clearly dodge the questions in regards to policies that is so appealing?


They’re votes against CON/LAB, rather than in favour of TIG.


18%? More chance for us to finish 3rd.


Well yeah because there are only what, a dozen? of these so far so even if they all did really well you’re still talking about a tiny percentage overall.

Need about 4-500 candidates with a good amount of them actually winning to have figures like that in an actual election.


Yeah it won’t happen at all, they’re just riding a wave of interest at the moment. People will just be saying “ooh yeah I like what they’re saying” and “we need a change” but that would never translate into a vote in 3 years time.

The next 3 years will just be them showing how irrelevant they are.