Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


It’s not unbelievable. It was utterly predictable.

Even more so since Singapore signed a trade agreement with the EU.


Well to start with they have no political economy. I mean literally no idea how to run an economy or solve modern day problems. They will simply turn UK into a bargain basement with a roll back of rights. Like that’s it, there whole ethos. No doubt they want this for selfish reasons, but I doubt they want Brexit overtly for these reasons. They want a culturally new Britain. They are culture Brexiteers. Obviously in this context Dyson doesn’t matter. Nor actually, does it really matter a lot to anyone.


It’s rather ironic that a lot the people that this will adversely affect the most are the very people that voted for it.

I agree, it doesn’t matter about Dyson, but it does illustrate the hypocrisy and underhandedness of shysters like him.


James Delingpole getting ruined by Andrew Neil over the consequences and realities of no deal was brilliant. Probably the most cringeworthy interview I’ve seen and at the same time the most hilarious.

He should stick to Breitbart as that is obviously his intellectual level


It doesn’t take much for them to fall apart does it?


That’s what public schooling gives you, the confidence to speak absolute crap about a subject you know nothing about. Why the BBC got him on to a segment about the WTO I’ll never know


Martial Law coming to a country near you?


Why would a no deal require any of these measures? Just genuinely curious because you need to subscribe to read the article.


My comment if it didn’t come across was said tongue-in-cheek

It’s obviously a contigency in a worst case scenario that was leaked out and has been jumped on by the anti-Brexit media to whip up a frenzy. It’ll most likely never happen/be needed.


A source told the newspaper: “The over-riding theme in all the no-deal planning is civil disobedience and the fear that it will lead to death in the event of food and medical shortages.”

The newspaper quoted another source as saying that planners were using the disruption caused by the volcanic ash in Iceland during 2010 as a model for possible disorder.

The source added: "Although there is nothing that can replicate the scale of chaos threatened by a no-deal Brexit, which will be about a thousand times worse than the volcanic ash cloud crisis, this is about the closest example we have in modern British history.

“The only other thing that would be comparable would be something like a major Europe-wide war.”


It doesn’t seem so far fetched to me do considering the chaos that a no-deal brexit would bring. This is a country that cant survuve KFC running out of chicken ffs


Who knew that V for Vendetta was predicting the future :arteta:

JRM as that bad guy Ian Mckellan/John Hurt - they all look the same to me - plays


I’d have thought rioting would be from leavers if we somehow remained by the back door. I can’t see why there would be riots against leaving.

Unless they mean people are going to riot in jubilation? :poldi:


People will be rioting over paracetamol m8

Rebuild Hadrian’s Wall!!!


By and large Britain historically doesnt do social unrest. Reality tv, social media and soap operas dictate our agendas. Leave that sort of stuff to the french. Social conscious leave that to others this FB profiles to update. Not to mention copy and pasting.


That’s generally true, and as long as Mcdonalds don’t run out of supplies there should be no mass outbreak of rioting. But I do think that the British psyche has actually changed a lot, we are much less rational than the stereotype suggests. It’s also funny seeing the Brexit cheerleaders laud it over Venezuela all week when we’re talking about potential food and medicine shortages due to strict ideological dogma from the brexiteers and May.


Already been hearing about arthritic patients possibly not getting their painkillers.

Stock up on the Ibruprofen lads. Shit will be worth more than gold in 5 years time :arteta:


Meanwhile MPs are debating some worthless crap and have given May a mandate for more pointless worthless crap:


Please don’t let us return to the 70s. I’ve no batteries for my torch


Don’t really understand how Parliament can vote against a no deal, aside from being a wish.


Parliamentarians are a joke. It’s no deal, May’s deal, or revoke Article 50. Seems now as if it’s May’s deal vs No Deal.