Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


It’s literally impossible to rule it out. You can’t rule it out at this point.

What is it with our politicians drawing utterly meaningless red lines which accomplish nothing.

Theresa may rules out not deal. Okay now what? unless your party and there party can agree on a deal then come March no deal Is what is happening regardless of whether May came out and said in a press conference that no deal is of the table lol back in Jan.

It’s clear that there needs to be a cross party agreement on a deal. Sort it out. Sick to death of these budget 2nd rate politicians playing shit politics.

This is also the only time I can think that threatening no deal is worth it, having it
Previously been pointless. If everyone in our government says we will categorically not have no deal. Then there is 0 ZERO incentive for EU to change anything. We are stuck with this shit deal or staying.


Pretty much true no matter what.


this shit has cost us around 26bn already as a country some financial analysts feel it is costing us up to 500m a week and i bet by the end of it all nothing will be done. What a colossal waste of time and fucking money.


Highly recommend this article to anyone arguing for a 2nd Ref:

And for anyone wanting 30-40 mins of a good Lefty debate on Lexit vs Remain and Reform, this is probably the best I’ve listened to -

Starts proper about 5 mins in.


Norway has free movement of people. I dont see how any deal allowing free movement gets through this government.


We should vote Wenger and Gazidis :henry2:. They know how to run a club :bellend:


I was just answering the question that @Craigie asked about why Corbyn would want to jump in front of her, I didn’t say he shouldn’t.


Agree with the first article. I’m very much against a second referendum. Im not even sure if remain would win it, plus if they did it would have to be convincing (60-40) if it were to change anything.

Any MP hedging their bets on one is wasting their time


Yeah but we’re the almighty United Kingdom so we can ask for Norwayplusplusplus.

But yeah, I think free movement is the only “red line” worth taking seriously, and then possibly ECJ. It felt like these were the issues in the spirit of the leave vote.

Free movement would be an easy one to let us have anyway, because this government certainly doesn’t want to limit immigration that much so they could have a gentleman’s agreement that we’ll basically let in EU citizens if they really want to come while pretending we’re in control of everything.

And losing the ECJ buys into the sovereignty dream while not changing a great deal, but at least that much change would show the referendum actually did something.


To be honest I think a simple eea could be sold through parliament, selling it the conservative membership and some working class voters may be more difficult. Ultimately May will likely have to remove one of her red lines, personally I’d rather that be freedom of movement. Whether that is political feasible is another question.

It’s funny because I know a few Leavers who couldn’t give a shit about FOM and would happily settle for a Norway deal.


We’ve already agreed things on immigration which satisfy the Leave vote. I think @Craigie is a little too patriotic, I only think we could get a Norwayplusplus.


We can’t have a Norway style deal while Theresa May clings to her ‘red lines’. And even if she did budge, I’m not sure the EU would even offer it now.

The Chequers deal is the only one in town, and yet lunatics still go on tv talking about renegotiating.


Yeah I think most ships have sailed. The withdrawal agreement isn’t perfect but it’s the only thing we’ve got. If nothing has moved on in a months time just get passed through parliament


Mays deal is the only deal.

It’s either that, no deal, or stay in the EU.

No other deals, no other options.


We could end up with a Norway style deal after the WA has been passed too. The best thing about it is that it is quite vague (despite being 500 pages)


Don’t Norway have to say yes to that because it encroaches on their area? To which they have said no.


Yeah EEA countries would have to if we formally entered that trading zone, but I don’t think they’d say no if we negotiated in good faith (big if)





All this proves is that the people who shout the loudest about Brexit and claim it’s because of sovereignty or because its the best decision for the people, aren’t interested in the country or the people, only themselves.

Dyson is the latest in a long line of very vocal, multi millionaire businessmen, who’s self interest far outweighs their care for the man in the street.

I wonder why these large company owners, newspaper owners and right wing politicians with vested interests are so keen for it to happen.