Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


She has survived for the skin of her teeth.


The impression I’m getting is that Corbyn’s dominant hold over younger and/or first time voters since 2016 is starting to erode fast by his unwillingness to change tack. He’s going against his party members and his voters, why wouldn’t this harm his popularity?


It may do. But they don’t only care about this stuff, are they going to shift to voting for the Tories or Lib Dems. I don’t see it.

And if JC switches to 2nd Ref, he will lose more than the young, he’ll lose the North voters, but in the main the London areas will vote Labour anyway. I mean Christ, most Labour London seats they could lose 10’s of thousands and still it wouldn’t matter. Dianne Abbot for example has a 40K majority.

Getting into power is best bet to avoid a no deal, and I say that as someone who wants a no deal.


We probably need a general election because we have a minority government that nobody wants to be a minister in and it isn’t working and it certainly isn’t going to work for another 3.5 years.

I think Corbyn could technically win an election, but I can’t see a Labour majority right now. Best case is probably a minority government, but then he’s in the same situation she is, except I think Labour backbenchers will be more eager to rebel at the first chance than Tory ones.

Basically I can’t see any good outcome for anything in politics for the next few years. Theresa May is about to take the bullet of fucking up Brexit and I’m not completely sure why Corbyn wants to jump in front of her.

I think the only way you can convince a country to swing to the left (or right) is for the right (or left) to well and truly fuck everything up and I don’t think we’re there yet.



Andrew Neil is a huge cunt and his continued exposure on the BBC interviewing these chancers posing as some kind of impartial journalist when he is blatantly a brexit supporter is further evidence of the debauchery and corruption at the BBC


Yeah definitely. I think brexit has definitely exposed how second rate the media is. I’ve seen a few Brexiteers on tv and on the radio say things such as “we trade with the usa and rest of the world on WTO” and presenters such as Neil let us to unchallenged. They themselves simply don’t know enough detail to hold those sort of statements to account, which really questions what value they have in holding elected officials to account.

I did actually use to like Andrew Neil, or at least he was a string interviewer. Safe to say all that has changed now haha.

Also I’ve gotta say how impressed I’ve been with Ian Blackford in the interviews I’ve seen with him today. Probably the most impressive figure in the SNP for me!


Anyone see the Andrew Neil Owen Jones meltdown last week. Never seen Neil rattled like that before. Worth a watch if anyone missed it on This week last thursday.


He’s good, and he speaks a lot of sense, but for me the most impressive MO has been Joanna Cherry. She’s doing all kinds of crazy shit behind the scenes, and you can tell she’s a top lawyer by the ways she’s shrewdly going about the litigation surrounding brexit with some great cross-legged initiatives.

Future leader material imo.

SNP MPs in general are pretty decent imo :ramsey:

At least they’re not the morons that the vast majority of Labour and Tory ones are.

If only David Lammy never voted for the Iraq war, he’s the kind of leader and MP they need to have all throughout the party.


Bollox. I don’t agree with Corbyn on many issues or think he’s competant. But to claim he’s hypocritical as other politicians is an absolute joke when you consider he’s put his principles in front of his career at every single step.


That Andrew Neil interview of JRM was actually quite thorough. JRM was challenge on every point effectively and i’m sure the transcript would confirm that.

Don’t think JRM came away from that having made convincing arguement for no deal


That’s the thing, scratch below the surface and even the most ardent advocates of no deal fall apart. JRM tries to justify it on the basis of dropping all tarrifs, which is not only economically stupid but it does nothing to protect the jobs which will be lost.

Ultimately I hope MPs realise May’s deal is the only viable way out of this mess right now and just swallow their pride.


To be fair to May, who I couldn’t stand when she was home secretary, is she seems to be doing what she feels is best for the country rather than what is popular with voters and her own MP’s, while vultures like Johnson and Rees Mogg just circle above, criticising her every move.

As for Corbyn wanting to jump in front of her, he is a career politician that wants the top job and there aren’t many chances to do it, so he doesn’t care how or when, he will just grab any opportunity.

I agree but this situation isn’t going to go away, and with the country split almost evenly, there doesn’t seem to be any way out of it.


I think the problem with Owen Jones is that it takes him ages to get to the point and someone like Neil who is one of the most experienced political presenters on TV can wind someone like Jones up and make him look like a rambling student.

As much as I agree with most of what he says, and disagree with most of what Neil says, Jones should get to the point quicker.

Saying that, like you said, he certainly had Neil rattled and it would have been interesting to see him squirm a bit more if he had been asked about the Spectator earlier in the interview.


Corbyn fucks me off so much.


Also Corbyn, we wont vote for the deal you put forward and also we will not revoke article 50. IF YOU DONT HAVE A DEAL YOU AGREE WITH AND YOU ALSO WONT REVOKE ARTICLE 50 IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TAKE NO DEAL OF THE TABLE YOU STUPID CUNT.




Yes you can’t literally rule out no deal, but she could come out and say that no deal would be totally unacceptable and that they don’t consider it a viable option. He’s talking to the woman who said that “no deal is better than a bad deal”, its perfectly valid for him to call on her to “take it off the table”. You’re taking a very literal interpretation of his comments, whereas to me at least it is clear what he means when he is saying this.


Yeah I may be wrong but my interpretation of his message is stop trying to bully everyone into your deal with the threat of no deal, rather than say, pass some legislation to remain in case of no deal or something.

He’s missed a trick though. Would have been easier to look like the bigger man and meet her, and then afterwards talk shit about her not wanting to negotiate than to look like he doesn’t want to cooperate.

They’re right though, it’s a total gimmick on her part and definitely not some divine change of heart.


Are you suggesting that a Leader of the Opposition shouldn’t try to get into power? I mean this is all a bit silly from you really, there’s very little chance of anything but a no deal right now, May’s deal is rejected, and 2nd Ref only has what - 36 Labour MP’s backing it with Libs and a Green, not even going win a vote in Parliament is it? - so what should JC actually do? Oh yeah, try and get elected.

Of course he knows you can’t take no deal off the table, when the clock runs down no deal happens. I would say he’s deliberately avoiding talks because a) what is there really to discuss with May on this, the Tories won’t back anything JC wants, and the last thing he needs is to co-author May deal mark 2 and be tainted with that crap, best stay clear, and wait for the eleventh hour election If it comes. JC isn’t in power, all onus on May.


I get Corbyn’s point regarding no deal but not sure what he wants to achieve. Ultimately this is in EU law, which states that we leave on the 31st March no deal or not. Either Corbyn wants to extend Article 50 to remove the instant prospect of no deal or he’ll have to compromise.

Also has anyone in labour asked why he wants a customs union but no single market? Seems like he’s pandering to the UKIP vote regarding freedom of movement but not sure what a customs union will achieve regarding the Irish border. I’m sorry to say it but he’s shown he knows fuck all about the subject as much as JRM et al