Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


The daily mail must have forgotten the cod wars


Lol I think some people are genuinely comparing this to the falklands. Embarassing :joy:



Next theyll be wanting Benidorm back…fucking liberty!!


Poland, Baltics, Sweden, Denmark, Cyprus & Republic of Ireland… Proper bros! :ok_hand:


Good choice for Italy. Let’s kick these cunts out of Europe :wink:


Poland themselves have a very eurosceptic government last I heard.

Yep, it has come to this. The one country who i’d say has benefited the most (or its up there) now wants to leave it cos, brown people.



Basically 95% self interest.


It’ll be interesting how self interest changes this picture over the next 25 years.


Denmark going easy on ya, always said we were friends


Not sure what you mean?

Edit:never mind, you mean the pic doc posted of course.


Sorry it wasn’t relating to ROI, I didnt need to reply to you. I meant more about the picture as a whole and how countries might become more eurosceptic or hardline over the years.


I know a few “Brown” people that voted leave… Simplistic claptrap. Tarring every out voter with the same brush… At least they(the common man/woman) wouldnt still be moaning and bitching about it., if they lost…I didnt vote because i wasnt bothered either way… We will survive whatever the future brings… And btw most of the “Brown” people come from the commonwealth.So they will still come. Its a shame you cant block threads out as this is just a losers whine fest… Woest me…were doomed…thats me done on this subject…toodlepip… NNTR.


Well India are saying they want increased immigration opportunities for Indians to the UK in the trade deal, and 30% of the indian population are Muslim so that’s 300,000,000 muslims who’ll get easier opportunities to get into the UK which is way more than the combined muslim population of the EU :joy:


For Brexit to be in anyway successful it must be a liberal one i.e. a relaxed immigration policy. Cold someone please make the British electorate and PM aware of this :joy:


Considering that even Nigel Farage intimated that he would still campaign if Leave lost narrowly, I don’t think I would agree with you here.

There’s no reason why anyone should just shut up and go along with something disagree with just because there has been a vote held. The very essence of democracy is that people are allowed to campaign for and speak about political issues they hold important.


Hardly anything left of the proud viking blood, I see. :worried:



The union jack is such a horrible flag :confused:

Wish we just used our own flags instead of that mess.


The victim complex of the cunt in the first video is quite strong. Like with all the Trump and Brexit voting nationalist cunts. Nobody on his side of the isle would ever “throw a tantrum”, like he so aptly called it, for example post a 8 minute rant on Youtube. No American Trump voter has ever - for years after they’ve lost democratic elections in 2008 and 2012 - joined a birther movement trying to impeach the elected president, because he’s a little too brown. Glenn Beck and Fox News and the Tea party do not actually exist, because as this fuckhead tells us, the only people throwing tantrums are those snowflaky young lib’rals.