Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


I was joking, I couldn’t​ care less really. There’s​ a reason I moved to Norway besides the constant rain.


Oh, I missed the funny. Good choice, Norway. Very civilized, very beautiful.


The more I think about it, the more it makes sense for all three parties that Gibraltar gets a different agreement to that of the the mainland UK. Their economy needs the free movement of people more than any part of the UK (excl. N.ireland), plus has a large interest in protecting due to the amount of workers that cross the border into/from Spain.

It’s rather scandalous that the UK government didn’t think to mention this in the triggering of Article 50. Still, let the war-mongers and nationalists get hyped up for a battle over the sovereignty of Gibraltar.


Not one week since A50 was triggered, now there is talk of war with Spain :arteta:

I expect to see live pics of @Persona combing the streets of Madrid looking for @AbouCuellar ASAP.


Some war. Just wait until the lazy fuckers are having their midday nap and invade them then.


Reminds me of Asterix in Britain that :laughing:

“Sorry, we’re closed for the weekend”.



The following thread on Twitter is an interesting Spanish take on Gibraltar:


“Even Howard himself seems to have had second thoughts. On Channel 4 News last night, asked if he was “seriously suggesting” war with Spain, he replied: “Of course not.” But he did add: “I can see no harm in reminding them what kind of people we are.”

Oh yes you did, “Lord” Howard. Very much so. :joy::joy::joy:


Michael Howard is such a cunt


Howard be like


What a dick. But then we knew that.


The absolute state of the Sun front page today :joy:


The Sun classy as ever. They are an embarressment to journalism in this country.


Typical Sun headline. Sure, it’s punchy and catchy, which is all they care about in the end.

Nevermind the fact that the Spanish is wrong. Still, most of the time their English isn’t correct :joy:


I think the tone is a little more concerning than the grammar. :grin:


I don’t mind the call for war so much, but bad use of the English and Spanish language is going too far. :smiley:


Are you surprised? Worst newspapers in the U.K. Populistic pricks.


The Sun always resort to flag waving and casual xenophobia because they know the sort ofd people who read their newspaper lap it up.

As Samuel Johnson said, “patriotism is the last recourse of the scoundrel.”


Daily Mail’s turn. :neutral_face: