Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


Class press conference from Donald Tusk.


Let’s be honest here, the remain campaign was poorly handled and largely tainted mild leftwing views. The harsh economic reality of Brexit should have been hammered home again and again but no the remain campaign focused on trivial BS like ‘Europe friendship’

If stated implications of leaving the EU has basis in truth then why not provide this information in an attempt to compel the electorate? I don’t see that as scaremongering tbh.

It’s all moot anyway now…


I personally view it from a difficult angle. I genuinely believe the Remain campaign went too heavy on the economy. No doubt it was the most important issue for remaining, but it sort of bored people away from the campaign.

But yes, it is all rather futile now I’m afraid.


I’m interested, what is your stance now on how we should to handle leaving the EU?


In regards to the A50 negotiations?

Well, it’s a bit of a minefield so I’m not sure how much detail I’ll be able to give you, but I’ll outline some of my concerns and agreements with the approach taken by Theresa May.

Firstly, I would be a lot more concilitary in tone towards the EU (as May seems to be doing a lot more of now). It’s undermining our position in these negotiations when Hammond threats to turn London into a tax haven for multi-national corporations.

I would also have sought a greater mandate from devolved administrations. She hasn’t really got a UK wide consensus, and probably shoudl’ve been a bit more accepting to the concerns and demands of the Scottish Parliament (Also towards Welsh farming, who will more than likely be recked by Brexit).

As for the actual negotiations, I agree she should guarantee the rights of EU citizens straight away. I’m pretty sure this will happen, but it would have be a good touch if Theresa May had guaranteed this prior to negotiations.

I also think she shouldn’t have said that we will leave the ECJ, this severely limits our access to the single market and creates a dilema as to where rulings will be made on our future trading relationship. I also think we should accept preferential migration from the EU into the UK,probably in the form of early advertising to EU citizens for jobs before they are advertised globally. This would probably show sufficient give and take to get a beter deal.

Also, and perhaps rather cynicially of me. We must use everything to our advantage in these negotiations whilst remaining civic. There will clearly be disagreements between the EU27 as they seek to defend their industries and secutiry ties, we should probably aim to use this to our advantage as much as we can.

With all that said, this is a monumental challenge for our nation. Certianly this a lose-lose situation for the UK and the EU,and no doubt come two years time we will have a considerably worse deal out of the EU than we currently have now.


It’s the same with all the Turks in the Netherlands/Germany/Austria who are hugely in favor of Erdogan, even more so than in Turkey, but will never have to live with the consequences of their vote. It really makes you wonder why these people even vote or why they have so much desire to throw everyone else into the unknown.


And Denmark! Been a bunch of hubbub there because of Erdogan trying to campaign in Denmark as well.

Hugely frustrating and very odd, very much a “I know what’s best for others attitude”


I can confirm that The Netherlands is also on heightened tensions with Erdogan since he has been trying to campaign and rally Turks here. In the process he has called the Dutch baby killers, fascists, nazis, crusaders and what not.

Really subtle guy this Erdogan dude. Not to mention a bit hypocritical as well since he himself actually is most of the things he accuses the Dutch of.


The funny thing is that May has admitted there are gonna be troubles for the U.K. by leaving the E.U.
Well, think about it before voting!


As someone who couldn’t have been more pro remain it’s gonna be unbearable the constant complaining about Brexit every time anything negative happens at all.

Just suck it up now and look forward.


Adiós, Gibraltar.


Ridiculous it’s British in the first place.

If its in Spain its Spain’s. End of discussion


Fuck Spain, fuck Argentina and fuck anyone else who tries to claim any other British territories for themselves when they want to remain British…Cunts.


TIL Gibraltar has been British since 1704. The Gibraltarians voted in 67 and again in 2002 to remain British with huge percentages.

Wonder how they’d feel now after voting to remain in the EU? Interesting.


@AbouCuellar, do you want Gibraltar back? :mustafi:


Sort of split on the issue. I mean, the people on the island want to remain British, which is certainly good enough a reason for us to defend their interest. It is rather silly how we got hold of them in the first place when it’s only a few miles off the Spanish coast.

Anyway, this was rather obvious. It’s a bit of a taboo subject in Spain, and tensions between us over it have only got worse. No surprise that they see Brexit as an opportunity to claim them back, or at least dual sovereignty.

Can’t see anything happening over it, and certainly can’t see it coming under any form of Spanish rule.


They’re British or they’re Independent. Becoming part of Spain would just be stupid now. I don’t know why they still care about it.


The inhabitants of Diego Garcia would have loved to keep their home. So, fuck the British too, then?


Jesus, I was only looking at that Diego Garcia wikipage a few hours ago because of this article. Coincidence. :slight_smile:

Of course those living in these colonies have a right to be considered, but such rights have never overridden political reality. Nor has Britain claimed so, at least when circumstance dictated. The residents of Hong Kong and Diego Garcia were not consulted, let alone granted “self-determination”, when Britain wanted to dump them in the dustbin of history. Hong Kong was handed to China in 1997 when the New Territories lease ended. Diego Garcia was demanded by and handed to the Pentagon in 1973. The Hong Kong British were denied passports, and the Diego Garcians were summarily evicted to Mauritius and the Seychelles.


Could have avouded this nastiness regarding Gibraltar and Ireland had England and Wales not been so fucking stupid.

Still can’t believe the 2016 results happened. Fuck me what a world of dipshits we live in.

I laugh whenever somebody tells me Brexit has some upside. There literally is none lol.